On Saturday night, roommate was freaking out because she'd found one mouse in a trap and then seen two mice run into her room. They were scurrying all about. I baited the final traps for her and put them in her room. She said she'd call her own exterminator and I don't blame her.

Yesterday morning, I did my run and then came back here and futzed. Made plans with DB to go down to Bay Ridge to pick up software and take him to lunch. Right before I left, roommate's exterminator showed up and I gotta say he talked a much better game than the exterminator that landlady called. He was interested in doing it right: plugging up holes and such.

But last night, roommate was banging around at eleven. She'd caught another mouse and she was upset about it. :( Poor thing. I have no idea why they're not in my room but I consider myself very lucky so far.

Took the train down to Bay Ridge and got to 86th street in an hour and a half taking express trains. So, I guess it can be done.

We walked to The Bridgeview diner which has a huge B health rating number in the front window. I don't think I've eaten at a B establishment before. And it did have a case of the yucks. I looked at the floor underneath one booth and there were whole pieces of food just sitting there. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich and at the chicken, lettuce and tomato and only ate one quarter of the bread. Then, I ordered a terrible piece of lemon meringue pie for dessert. Instead of crust, it was a cake.

I went down into the subway and there was a train heading to Manhattan and another train heading to the last stop--other friend's stop. I took it and called her. She was home!

So, I went over there. Had a nice chat. She made me decaf coffee and put out some spice bread. We were discussing recipes and she found a recipe for Tandoori chicken. She put all the spices into a little container for me and then copied the recipe on her scanner printer. So, now I have to go to Key Food and get the rest of the ingredients for Tandoori Chicken. I hope I can do it in my 9x13 pan!

The trip back up here was uneventful. I did not watch the Oscars but watched the Family Guy Christmas special (re-run) while going through the Mark Bittman easy cookbook. There are tons of things in there I can cook. He's got a roast chicken recipe. I don't think I'm going to make soups anymore.

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