Manhattan Adventure

At about four o'clock, I sent off the final image and headed into the city. I brought a Seth Godin book, Meatball Sundae, on the train but wasn't even able to read it. My brain was fried. I got off the train at 86th street and headed over to the reservoir in Central Park. It got cold last night! Good thing I checked the weather before I left. Damn! It rained yesterday morning but then the temperature dropped. Thank goodness I had my new, warm, Christmas hoodie.

The reservoir was a dud. The track was covered in ice. It reminded me of that field we used to have in Illinois that we ice skated on. I decided to trudge on and only made it around about a quarter of it before I realized it was dumb. Too cold and slippery. No one else was about. That was kind of nice. I finally figured out the one weather I could have the reservoir to myself in. I listened to Harry Potter and headed south on Fifth Avenue.

I passed all the old mansions and looked in the windows. A lot of them are re-purposed as clubs and businesses now. Arts clubs and museums. Ah, the wealth! Makes me want to read a little Wharton. When I got to FAO Schwartz, I headed inside to look at the Barbie exhibit. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it was going to be. Sure, there were some nice Barbies, but not a lot of them. I'd give it a C+.

I continued down Fifth Avenue but by this time I was hungry. I fantasized about having a Crumbs cupcake for dinner. I knew there was one across from the Main library branch on 42nd street. But when I got there, there was no place to sit. I didn't want to get a cupcake and then stand around in the cold. That's no fun!

The main library branch I donated the Meatball Sundae book in the donation bin. I then checked out a Mitford book (I probably won't read it) and a John Prine CD. Headed over to Modell's and bought a pedometer. It said $9.99 on the back (cheap!) but the woman rang it up to a total of $14 something. "That's an awful lot of sales tax for a ten-dollar item!" I said. I showed her the price sticker on the back and she had to get the manager downstairs to override it. I hope that's not some scam they're running!

Went over to Grand Central and used their bathrooms. God those are great bathrooms! And I got there just after they'd been cleaned. Awesome. Sometimes, you just score in life. Then, I went back and forth from Junior's to Zaro's figuring out which pastry I wanted. For some reason, I got it in my mind to have pastry for dinner. It started with Crumbs. Man, I was mocus last night.

Still couldn't decide so just decided to head north. Went to 116th street and got soft tacos at El Aguilar. Delicious. Note to self: one is plenty. It came with two tortillas so there was enough meat in both tacos for two. So I ended up getting four tacos for a little over $5. Yeah, they're $2.50 apiece.

Then, because I still had pastry on my mind, I walked over to the Capri bakery and got a big slice of yellow cake. She packed it up and I took it home. Had my nose buried in the bag the whole train ride home while I watched a Sons of Anarchy episode. God, it smelled good!

And it was more delicious than I hoped! I ate it mindfully and stopped when I got full. I must remember not to over eat and negate all my hard work. Yes, it's all about portion control and there were a lot of calories in that thing. On top of the tacos.

Last night, I woke up because I was too hot. Haven't been there in awhile--carb burning late at night.

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