Working the Rosary

I'm keeping out of the way. Roommate has a suitor over. She said yesterday that they were going to go to church but I don't think that happened. He's over now and they're eating. I'm staying out of the way.

It's so sunny and cold out today. Back down in the 20s during my run. Well, the track's open again. It's clear. That 60-degree day really just melted all the snow in the park--which is really odd. I got used to seeing everything covered in white. Now it's all brown again. The track is clear. I even wore my Wal*Mart sneakers which can't have any liquid around them at any time or they absorb any liquid.

I texted Brooklyn friend to see if he was receiving visitors down in Bay Ridge today and he said he's going to Jersey. I needed to get on a train and go somewhere. Now I need another plan, although just sitting in my room works for right now.

I feel good now. I went out last night at around 7:45 pm and headed into the city with the Capri bakery in mind. I got out at 110th street and walked north. Damn! It was windy and cold. It brought tears to my eyes. Got to the Capri bakery and it was standing room only. I decided on a slice of white cake with white frosting and a coconut cookie. It just looked too good. Walked up to 125th street and got on a train back home. I got a little exercise. :)

Turns out the cake was a pineapple cake with a whipped cream frosting. No doubt a slice of cake from a cake they couldn't sell. It was all right. I don't know if I'm going to get it again although I did enjoy it. I had a third of the coconut cookie this morning before my run. I had a third last night on my way home. I just couldn't wait.

I was thinking of going to Best Buy to get a copy of Turbo Tax and figured last night was the last night to get the $10 off at Best Buy. Nope. This morning, I got an email from Turbo Tax saying there's a new $10-off promotion until the 26th. Screw you, Turbotax!!

I need to start marketing for two hours a day. I have a lot of little things that need doing. Now that I have this new marketing trick: pick one name and just google it and see what pops up. My God there are so many photographers!

I'm not doing a lot of reading. I should just return all my books to the library and be done with them. I should just give up on reading for the rest of my life. It's just not going to happen.

My period is almost a week late. This is very odd indeed. I hope I'm having the next savior. That would be cool although a lot of people would profane my name. A lot of people think it's funny to take Mary's name in vain. I don't think I've ever taken Mary's name in vain. I have a memory of sitting on the front steps in Kenilworth, working a rosary. So I did a rosary. I don't think it helped a lick but I didn't need much help.

Uh oh, the crap's sneaking back into the diet. Might as well just be eating ice cream.

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