What I ate on 10/15/10

I was hungry all day yesterday; I ran in the morning and that seems to color the whole day.

What I ate on 10/14/10

I also had a slice of pizza and some cheese and small cookies at a museum soiree.

What I ate on 10/13/10

I found a fast food place on 23rd street that serves half-cheap Bib Bim Bap? A Korean dish. Fantastic! It was sooo filling though, I had to finish some at my desk.

What I ate on 10/12/10

I didn't run yesterday. I didn't eat fantastic either. It's difficult when you're hungry to not want to shove everything into the mouth.

What I ate on 10/11/10

God I eat a lot of crap. Pumpkin pie. Ice cream. And I'm not running today.

What I ate on 10/10/10

I also had a slice of pizza and two pieces of pumpkin pie. Sometimes it's difficult to whip out a camera.

I feel gross and bloaty today.

What I ate on 10/08/10

I didn't add the enchilada plate I had for dinner along with the gigantic Italian Cheesecake slice I had for dessert. I felt gross and unattractive after wards. :(

What I ate on 10/7/10

I think I got a  cold yesterday; I had a suppressed appetite. I had a sore throat but it seemed to clear in the evening. When I exercise and take care of myself, I rarely get full-blown colds.

What I ate on 10/06/10

I also had a hot dog from a street vendor but didn't get my camera out.

When I got home last night, I was starving so stopped at the King Hing for a small chicken lo mein. Mmmmm.....

What I ate on 10/05/10

I went to the bakery yesterday and tried their raspberry bar number. Meh, not that great. I also got a ginormous piece of pizza on Bhure. I think I like the potatoes slathered in butter or butter substitute. Can't beat the ease. Just put in the microwave for 11 minutes. Voila!

What I ate on 10/04/10

I had a couple handfuls of peanuts too. I weighed myself today: 136.2 and I ran about 47 minutes this morning. Not bad.

What I ate on 10/03/10

Roommate made chocolate cake with whipped cream and peaches? last night. That was nice. I also polished off a lot of raisins sitting in front of Family Guy and American Dad.

What I ate on 10/2/10

I ate more than this. I had a peanut butter rice cake before my run. Also, there were three cannolis but I'd already eaten one before I thought to snap the photo.

I had half a bag of baby carrots that didn't get a photograph,either.

What I ate on 10/01/10

It was rainy and cold out yesterday: no running. I did volunteer work and had that tuna fish salad sandwich. That lasted about two hours and I needed the pizza. That lasted about 15 minutes so I got the bagel. Man, I'm always hungry.

It's sunny and cold out today so I look forward to a good run. :)

What I ate on 9/30/10

Yuck. I ate a lot of crap. I had a small cup of ice cream and a bagel with cream cheese and a medium toffee mocha with full whip cream and it was awesome.

Just was hungry yesterday: that's all. I had a Starbucks coupon for September and had to use it. Sat in the Starbucks and just enjoyed the heck out of that mocha. Boy, it was delicious!