What I ate on 8/2/10

I think I could finish this today: I've done it for four weeks. 4 sets of 7 days.

Although I worry if I go off the constant vigilance. What constant vigilance? Well, I know I can do it. I suppose if I stop, the couple pounds will come back. Still 134.2 which is nice. I went to City Island yesterday and had half a shrimp basket and an ice-cream cone with a friend. I seem to go out more and socialize than I thought!

Anyway, it was a learning experience. Yeah, maybe I'll quit today--even  though it wasn't that big a deal!

What I ate on 8/1/10

I had a real craving for cake yesterday that I could not shake. Lucky for me, I found it at a grocery store in upper Manhattan for 99 cents. It was perfect: I can't say that God never does anything for me.

Yesterday, I weighed myself: 134.2. I think the "diet" is working. Nice to know that I can buckle down and lose some weight if need be. I hope I don't yo-yo diet for the rest of my life. I'll probably carry these lessons with me: a belly full of food and a head full of diet tips. Try to eat healthy but enjoy life too. No, I didn't need the grocery-store cake; that's a problem. 

What I ate on 7/31/10

Roommate and I were watching Top Chef yesterday and I was eating in front of the television set. I ate more than I should have. I didn't need the scoop of chocolate peanut butter along with the plain yogurt with honey.

So it goes!

I weighed 135.6 yesterday and only ran for 20 minutes because my headphones gave out--and hard--at the track. At least it wasn't my ipod.