That's The Way Stealing Works

Man oh Man. Just got a book on the GRE. Barron's 2008 to be precise. I was leafing through the questions and man, some of them are really difficult. I'm going to University of Phoenix I can tell! I better start reading the Economist cover to cover. I'm such a sucky reader. I rarely read the good stuff. I just read blogs and half a paragraph of a newspaper article.

It looks as though there's not as much math as I feared. That's nice. I'll have to see how much math there is. I'm still enjoying my math and will probably continue with it until I think it's not necessary. Math is a good skill to have. To what end I have no idea. What's a calculator for?

I was thinking about values and choices today; If we make a choice, we therefore think it's the "right" thing to do. If someone else makes a different choice, we get upset (slightly to very) because it's not "right."  But we all have to justify and rationalize our choices in life--so we consider everyone else's choices wrong or less than. If we know that we're doing something wrong, and we do it any way, we have to rationalize and justify that, too. I think it has something to do with cognitive dissonance. I have to look that up. Knowing one thing and doing another stresses us out; we don't like it. So we rationalize and justify. Of course, if someone else does something other than what we're doing, they're wrong. And that makes it all right again. Because we can't possibly be "wrong" if what we think we're doing is "right."

And it just makes us all miserable. For example, I was reared on farm time. Up with the dawn and to bed after dusk. Early to bed and all that rot. So if someone sleeps all day and stays up all night, there's something wrong with that. S/he is lazy and unambitious. And being unambitious is the worst thing in the world. Because if you're up with the rooster, you're on the right track. The early bird gets the worm. Which is more and more difficult as the world gets more and more flat. Not only do you have to compete with everyone locally, you have to compete with everyone nationally and internationally. I have to compete with photo retouching firms in India. All I have against that is a name and a number and some skill. And a price.

I let myself down constantly. Every day I say I'll do something and every day I don't do it. And that gets me down. Especially on myself. It's the only thing I want to do and I don't do it. What an un-rich life I'm leading. I live the life of a nun up here in the Bronx. I always thought it would be cool to retire to some female community and I realized I'm already there! I live my spartan little life. I make my bed and do the dishes and make sure there's enough toilet paper in the bathroom.

Chris emailed me today. He evidently had a small charge on his credit card and thought it might be me. It was on itunes; someone had charged a buck to make sure it was a viable credit card.  That's a proper fraud right there. I told him it wasn't me, but I'm sure even if it was me, I'd tell him it wasn't me. That's the way stealing works.

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs

Today is passover. Well, according to my calendar. It starts at sundown and there's a full moon. And it's rainy out.

Roommate made dinner last night. They made a delicious strawberry and arugula salad, pork chops, roasted vegetables, cous cous, and strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert -- plus ice cream. I had seconds on everything except for the pie. I felt pretty gluttonous afterward and decided I'd try to never do anything like that again. And I'm not running today because it's cloudy out. I was hungry at the time, though. I'd been told there was going to be a big dinner so I'd eaten accordingly. I'd had a slice before going to the MET and then a cookie at Tim Horton's after the MET because I had a huge pastry craving. Man, me and my sugar cravings. They're going to get me into a lot of trouble.

I'm listening to a couple audiobooks now. Horns by Joe Hill. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte, and Too Big to Fail by who knows. I was really enjoying Horns yesterday when I was listening to the first disc. He's a good writer--although a disgusting one. I've read some of his earlier stuff and it felt like reading The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs (just watched that South Park episode the other night). So much modern literature feels like The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs. I'm sick of feeling nauseated all the time. No wonder I go blissfully back to the Victorians! No sex. Very little violence. No bodily functions. That's a reason I don't like new books based in the past: it's all the affected language (badly) and all the pissing and puking and raping you'd want. I go back to Jane Eyre and am refreshed anew. I'm sure all that terrible stuff happened, I just don't want to read about it.

Speaking of The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs, I don't understand how come everyone gives Sarah Jessica Parker such grief about her looks. I think she's perfectly pleasing to look at. You'd think she was a monster, though. Poor thing. Hell, I'm much uglier than Sarah Jessica Parker. People are so cruel. I don't understand their cruelty. Just terrible. Why are people so wounded, that they're so cruel? I don't get that either. Maybe Freud was on to something with our mothers. I'll have to do some research into that.

I don't know what I want to do with my life. Everyone wants to write; everyone wants to be a studio musician. Everyone wants to have a piece at the MOMA. I was reading Sherlock Holmes last night and he said some pertinent things. Something about genius. Genius is just paying attention to crap that no one else wants to pay attention to. Genius is just practice practice practice. I agree with that.

This is Not My Beautiful House; This is Not My Beautiful Wife

I wish I was really clever. I wish I was really smart. I wish I was really something in some way--better than everyone else. But I've learned that I'm not. I'm really special to Tresa and Jim because I'm their daughter, but when they die, I'll be a nobody. And I don't know how I feel about that. I guess, as a Christian, I'm a somebody in the eyes of the Lord. Jesus loves me. And I kind of believe that. Like, if I were to stand on a bridge, threatening to jump, there would be some people who honestly didn't want me to do it. Morbid I should go there.

Oh well, people have different families. Mine was WASP WASP WASP although you wouldn't know it. Neither family were anything other than farm folk and/or blue collar. Well, Jim went to an Ivy-League school for his MBA. He must have found some class there. Tresa was a good girl from Kaiser Oregon. She went to University. They both did. They were classy people. And then they went to Kenilworth: forgetaboutit! WASP central. And they reared two little WASPs. Although Jill and I aren't really WASPy anymore--except for our shells. Or our inner-most parts. I know I'm very WASPy.

I should just come to grips that I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life. It would be one thing if I just knew it: like giving up booze or chocolate cake. But not to know on a day-to-day basis. That's the misery of it--to always have hope.

(this is not my beautiful house; this is not my beautiful wife)

Ad Nauseam Ad Infinitum

I listened to the bugle podcast. I'm going to weep the day that's no longer. It's so great. It's such a Friday treat. Well, more of a Saturday treat as that's when I listen to it. Today they had on the American (some anonymous comic) who comes on and plays a dumb American from Jersey or wherever. He was weighing in on the new health bill.

I keep getting phantom pangs that I think are hunger. So I've decided to sip water every single time I want to run into the kitchen to eat something. I should cut down on all the sugar I eat. I eat a ton of sugar and fast food. I'm always eating out and about and it's always pizza and junk food like that. I don't like to cook just for me so it's processed crap mostly.

I always like a little Victorian literature kicking about, so yesterday when I was at the library I got a Sherlock Holmes book. How come no one is named Sherlock. Were people used to be named Sherlock? Is what I just wrote a proper sentence? Probably not. I also got a couple Wooster and Jeeves books. Good stuff! Why would I want to listen to anything else? I like the dramatics: the fireplace sounds and the people coming in and leaving rooms.

*sip* I want to eat more. *sip* but I'm not hungry so I just keep sipping and sipping. Which sucks because it will mean I'll have to go to the bathroom more. And I really don't enjoy the whole process of going to the bathroom. First, it's the growing discomfort. And then, you have to get up and go. And if you drink a lot of water, you have to repeat it ad naueseum infinitum.

Team Teal

I'm on Team Teal! :) I like lots of color, but some more than others. If given my druthers, all things being equal, I'd choose something red or blue. Probably not yellow or orange. Although I like those colors, just not on my person. I like green, too. I like the red/green pairing, although it's very Christmasy to get away with it any other time. Too bad! Why does Christianity have to ruin all the best color schemes?

Just like WASPs ruined pink and green! A great color combo but you'd think I was on my way to the tennis club.

shared image :: young me now me photo contest ::

shared image :: young me now me photo contest ::

All Insult to Injury

I did some maths. I re-did the exercises from yesterday that I sucked at. And this is what I did: I read the fucking manual already. Yesterday, I skimmed the instructions, but today I read them out loud in full voice. It helped tremendously.

Last night, I watched the movie Precious illegally online. I found some site at random and could watch it in pretty good form. I watched it full screen with no interruption. So yeah: that was a powerful movie. I have no problems today. None at all. I really do have no problems.

I seem to have a hacking cough. I wonder if it's the cold come back or whether it's the moldy hall stairs. I closed the door because I wasn't crazy about it left wide open. So now I can't breathe and my throat's all raw. So it goes. Must have choices in life. Yesterday and yesterday evening it poured outside. Man! I thought the sky had opened up. I was working on a boat but the ceiling didn't leak.

The Health Care bill passed. It's elicited some controversy on the net. I have my own, conflicting views on it. More will be revealed.

Andrew W.K. is kind of annoying. Some of his stuff I like but some of it is just too too (as Oscar Wilde would say it). I didn't know that Stephen Fry is the lead in that movie: now I really want to see it. Maybe I'll request it from the library. Maybe I'll also request Capote again. I liked that movie. I saw it in the movie theater. No, I think it was the new Pink Panther with Steve...shoot, who is that actor? I'm blanking on his name. Martin! That's his name. And then, to add insult to injury, I saw it on a plane again. Well, it was showing on a plane. Of all the movies to show on a plane: I never go to the movies, but they had to show one movie I'd already seen. So it goes.

Key Lime Pie

I finally had a slice of the Key Lime pie. It was frozen in the freezer. I had to cut the saran wrap and it took me awhile to cut and hack it out. But I had a bit. It was pretty sour but also pretty delicious. I keep being reminded of the Key Lime episodes in Dexter with that horrible woman in records. God, I hated those hospice scenes. Anyway, he finally kills her off with a slice of key lime pie. Dexter asks Deb if she knows of any good key lime pie places; she tells him about all the local places it's just "sour dog shit." I love Deb. She's one of the best characters on that show.

I went into town this morning. Well, I got up at six this morning and went to the track for 45 minutes. It was foggy and drizzly and it full-on rained a couple times. One time it was really towards the end of my run so I just put on my jacket and walked home in it. My jacket and vest were on the fence where I left them, but my water bottle was missing. I thought, "Well, maybe I didn't take it to the track today." But when I got home, it wasn't here either. It was then that I remembered the guy picking up litter. Man, for a state that's out of money, we still have people to pick up our parks. I love it! I love Pelham Bay Park. In the summer, weekends are like Woodstock. It's packed! And Monday morning by noon you'd think it was the windswept moors of Yorkshire. Pristine as Summer's dawn it is.

I listened to a bit of The Moon and Sixpence. Good book. Interesting perspective. It makes me want to watch "Vincent and Theo" again. Must stay focused. I'm also enjoying the Jeeves and Wooster audio books and dvds. I'm watching the Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry shows on netflix. Fantastic. They do a good job. Although of course they have to give Stephen Fry more of a part than he actually has in the books. In the books, it's all about Bertie Wooster and his thoughts.  I want to live in a Bertie Wooster novel. I wish I had no problems other than my Aunt Agatha and her marriage pursuits for me. I tried watching some episodes of HOUSE but I just don't like his character. I guess he's supposed to be an asshole, but I don't like assholes much. I don't aspire to be one. And even if I aspired to be one, I wouldn't want to be like any other asshole before me. It's not like I'm taking notes when I watch.

Augusten Burroughs and Prime Numbers

I finished Dry by Augusten Burroughs last night. It was pretty good. I read it to the very last paragraph--which is extremely rare for me. It's very rare that I finish a book and not do a little-to-a lot of skimming towards the end. Things tend to bore me pretty quick: and it's not like I'm some super brain. It's just that most tales have been told. And the ones that have been new and quick have been in our collective unconscious for years. There is nothing new under the sun.

He mentions what it's like to smoke crack and I could imagine it. Maybe I'd get hooked on that if someone let me try it. I know I got hooked immediately on The Sims when I went to visit Betsy K in 2001. Man, what a summer! I was hooked on that game.

I started to do some math yesterday and got a little bit stuck on the prime numbers. I think I was making it more difficult that it actually was/is. I went online and found some tutorials and some exercises and figured it out. I took the questions again and got 100%! I'm so smart. :) I figured out prime numbers.


RUNNING: 45 minutes

Lots of people at the track. Only a few were keeping up. I'm the turtle: I do that steady 45 minutes jog. Other people were flying past me--once. :) That makes me laugh. Yeah, running in the hot sun is difficult. There was one woman who was outdoing me. She looked like a real runner. I had no shame by being outpaced by her. She looked like she knew what she was doing. I had little kids walk past me: but I kept up a good pace and left satisfied after 45 minutes. No shame in my game.

Your cold

If you manage to bring your cold up in every conversation, you're a tool.


Just thinking of Sandra Bullock. Won for best actress and her husband was cheating on her. Son of a bitch. I hate that clown. I liked them as a couple, too. What a tool. What a cheat! It's making big news on the internets today; it'll die down tomorrow or the next day. We all know about cheating. Guys cheat. It's really kind of depressing. Hollywood is terrible. Politics is terrible. Mark Sanford? The Governor who went to Argentina and lied to everyone and spent money that wasn't his. Rielle Hunter and the John Edwards love child. I hope she gets a clue soon. The GQ interview made her sound terrible. Poor kid but she's 50% both so she's already a mess from day one.

That's mean; we always say it's terrible to say bad things about kids, but they always grow up to be adults. And very few of them take the veil or the cloth.

I see them once and I never see them again.

I was reading about some celebrity today who is on Lexapro and a spinach diet. I could be on Lexapro and a spinach diet. That would make me happy. It's used to treat anxiety. She probably took coke once (or many times) and got anxious and needed to go to the doctor. I can't throw any stones.

Had a great run this morning. Of course, since the weather's fantastic, everyone was out at the track. There was one guy who was forcing himself to sprint even though he was terribly out of shape. There's always one guy who remembers his high school track days. Dude, those days are over. It sucks but you gotta work your way up to running. I just want to trip those guys. I see them once and I never see them again.

Josh Greenberg, on Facebook, says he had a Shamrock Shake. I assume from McDonald's. I can't remember the last time I had one: probably my childhood if that. It could be a false memory. I know we never went to McDonald's. Well, the one in Singapore we went. But in Kenilworth, the one in Winnetka opened when I was in high school or something. I can count on one hand how many times we went there when I was a child. One hand. 

I leave the room and everyone takes a deep breath

It's time for me to write. I didn't sleep very well last night. I even got into my work out clothes to sleep in. I put my alarm clock/phone in my bag across the room so I'd have to get up to turn it off.

But I just didn't sleep well. I had to keep listening to audio books, which isn't so bad, but I was stressed out about my getting enough sleep. I mostly have a sleep surplus. I sleep by myself and am relatively unbothered during the night. I can deal with one day of poor sleep. It's two days that starts to get to me. So, at some point in the evening, I made an executive decision that I wouldn't get up at five and go to the track. It's just so GD cold and so warm under the covers.

So once again I've gravely disappointed myself. Unfortunately, I'm getting so used to it. From now on, I should just tell myself I'm not going to do any morning workouts. Period. End of story why try? If it happens spontaneously it will be a wonderful thing, but if not? So it goes.

I finished Running with Scissors last night. I liked his epilogue and requested Dry from the library so I should receive that any day to start on. I want to know what happens! What a terrible family. I don't like them and I'd run away and far too. I don't like messy people who vandalize and are rude. I guess I'm an uptight square but I'm willing to own up to that.

The house is waking up. I should take a shower now if I'm really smart. What I really need to do is put the headphones on. I think I smell like sweat from sleeping in my dirty work out clothes. God I'm a slob! I'm probably one of those people who always smells bad but doesn't know it! I've got halitosis and body odor and no one wants to sit next to me in a theater but everyone's too polite to say anything. I leave the room and everyone takes a deep breath.

After finishing Running with Scissors, I cracked open Welty's The Optimist's Daughter. Man, that's a downer. I wasn't feeling it so just skipped to the end. So, I didn't really read it. There wasn't enough story for me. A good book has to be half poetry half story. Or 75% story and 25% poetry. All the King's Men is 80% prose poetry. I've never read a better-crafted book. What a book! Well, I've read a ton of great books. But that one just brings tears to my eyes with the writing.

This morning, I took the mug Chris gave me off the shelf to put my coffee in. I was never that crazy about it, but my boyfriend gave it to me so I dutifully used it. But now, he's no longer my boyfriend. I put it back on the shelf and used the Starbucks mug GI Joe sent me from Kuwait. I like that one a lot. I like the humor in it. I like the story. I like things with stories.

Today, I'm going down to I__ and then I'm going to try to go to that Women's meeting. I need to make more friends. I need to get out into the world and not sit in front of the computer or the television screen. I sent out some marketing emails yesterday and got a small nibble. An extremely kind photographer told me that he sometimes was swamped with some little jobs that maybe I could help him with. And at the end of the conversation, he just thanked me for the great conversation. It always heartens me to talk to really kind people.

Right now, I'm listening to the Moon and Sixpence. The Gauguin character is a big asshole and there's this other character who is just way too nice to him. He's treated poorly by the Gauguin character but keeps taking it. I hope that I don't take stuff like that.

Everyone loves Catcher in the Rye.

 I didn't go up to CT because my voice was whack. Yesterday morning, after a whole 24 hours of rain, I walked into a sodden living room. The roof leaked all over the rug and chair. The television and the couch were spared, but the rest of the room was pretty wet. I called Joan and asked her if she was ready for a miserable morning. She said, "No." But she and Bill came up and dealt with it: God bless 'em.

Elisa came home and freaked out; she kind of cleaned up the place. She brought over a de-humidifier from her mother's house. I had to get out of the house because I had some cabin fever. I decided to go to the 3:00 p.m. Womens Meeting at The Mustard Seed on East 37th street.

So, I went to the womens meeting and it was just terrible. There was a homeless woman there who just wanted to be out of the rain. There's a lot of that going on these days. With the rain coming down and all. She was muttering to herself and getting up and playing with the lights and stuff. Two women walked out. I didn't blame them. When it was her turn to share during the round robin, it was just a schizophrenic rant laced with begging for twenty dollar bills.

It was over quickly so I walked over to the McDonald's to have a shake but they weren't making them. There have been a lot of ads for Fillet-o-Fishes so I ordered one of those instead--even though I didn't really want one. I just had some time to kill and an empty stomach. They'd closed down the downstairs and there was only one huge booth to sit in. Another guy sat down to share my booth (always socially awkward) and he started to pick up on me.  I just told him I was having a bite but was getting up to leave. So I had to get up and leave when I hadn't even finished my sandwich. A true Holden Caulfield moment I guess. Everyone loves Catcher in the Rye.

Didn't Pay the Cable Bill

Maybe I shouldn't pay any attention to any thought I have before noon. Whenever I'm feeling anything, I should look at my watch and see if it's noon yet. If not, out it goes as pointless.

I didn't have the ipod on shuffle so have been listening to songs I haven't listened to since early January. One by one. It was a walk down memory lane. I was listening to  new songs for a long time so the old ones fell by the wayside. I like having the ipod on the other side of the room instead of having music steaming through my computer. Less likely I'll turn it off for something else.

I didn't go for a run today; the rain's been lashing the windowpane all day. ALL DAY. Since I got up this morning at eight o'clock. I keep checking the weather and it always looks like it's about to quit and then another huge, red-and-green-and yellow cloud shows up.

I've done a little bit of work today. I keep meaning to turn off the computer and go read the ever-increasing stack of magazines on my dresser. I always want to spend more time at home and then when I'm here I'm just checking facebook on the regular. I spend more time with old friends than with making new ones. There's something wrong with me! :) Well, there's lots wrong with me. Jill imed me. I think she's in Merced or something. I dunno. On a bike tour. Mom and I had a good talk this morning, even though my voice is now at fifty percent. I should remember that the voice is out for the count for three days if I get sick. It's no joke. I can't remember the last time I lost my voice. I know I lost it while I was at Willis so that was 2007.  I know I've had colds since then. There's no rhyme or reason to it. So it goes.

Drinking a diet coke. I had three hot dogs for lunch and that seemed to satisfy me.

I got the cablevision bill this morning. Evidently I didn't pay the bill last month! Whoa! How did that happen?! So I cut another check this morning I hope everything works out okay. That's not really like me but shit happens. I'm not perfect. I get distracted by things. Lucky for us it's not cut off. I don't know when it gets cut off. They should send a warning at least. Right? We haven't gotten that yet.

It's the Good Ship Robert E. Lee

It's raining out; pretty heavy. Lucky for me I was smart and went out for my run earlier--before the rain began. At the park, I saw a lot of Canadian Geese and one was stymied by some plastic Easter grass crap that hobbled him/her. Too bad I couldn't let him/her know I'd love to release him/her from the plastic shackles. I hope that when it flies, it loosens and falls a bit.

I'm learning that we're really a terrible genus. Or species. What was I listening to? Some Erich From book (Erich Fromm The Art of Being). It's not that great. I have a difficult time following it.  He's no Dale Carnegie. I love Dale Carnegie--that traveling shyster salesman! Although even traveling salesmen can know a little bit. Dale Carnegie's books are a lot like the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous. They're all the same: riddled with truth and beauty.

I'm also listening to The Moon and Sixpence by M. Somerset Maugham. I'm sure I got his name wrong. Of Human Bondage is one of my all-time favorites so I thought I'd give it a go. Hell, it's free off  The price was/is right. The guy who reads it is the same guy who read David Copperfield. Funny how I get used to voices. I don't know if I could listen to Jim Dale (who reads the Harry Potter books) do anything other than Harry Potter. Well, I've listened to Jim Dale read Alice in Wonderland and Around the World in 80 Days--just because he reads them!

Alice in Wonderland isn't necessarily my favorite book, but it's a cultural touchstone that I think everyone should have some passable knowledge of. The Cheshire Cat. The Mad Hatter. I wasn't crazy about Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. What a piece of fan fiction garbage was that? Thank goodness I saw it in 3D. At least I have that.

So sensitive lately. Take a lot of things personally. Laura says I'm like Bambi: Yes, that's a very good analogy. I'm taking off the training wheels but I'm 13 years behind everyone else. Everyone else has been roughened by this world and I'm just pink and sensitive--emerging from the cocoon. I really do fantasize about going to New Orleans and getting a small apartment in the Quarter and eating red beans and rice and getting a job with Lucky Dogs. I want to live in a shotgun house like Ignatius and his mother.

Running with Scissors

I'm reading Running with Scissors. Man, he's real brutal with the sex stuff. Bleah. I can't believe that stuff happened and the family who he supposedly lived with has sued him. I'd like to know what's the truth. Do I believe that he had sex with a 33-year-old man when he was 13? Yeah. I do. I do believe that. I believe there are some kooky people out there. I believe in adultery and underage sex and little kids with hard-ons. I used to babysit for a couple kids on Ivy Court and the younger one would walk around holding his penis. Sex sex sex. Sex. God, I'm sick of it.

The Library of Youth

I can't talk today; I have no voice. I started losing my voice yesterday when I was at the R* Museum of Art doing data entry. They'd had some volunteer come in and blaze through all the data forms I typically do, so they gave me  some little comp cards that didn't take very long. I'd forgotten my badge and remembered on the six train. Oh well, I'm one of those assholes I hate!

So, I dutifully did my data entry and some other little project that L gave me to do. And I was out early. I wandered up to 23rd street to see if the library branch was open and it was! Most library branches are open later on one evening a week. It was full of the homeless Orwell was talking about! Killing time til the shelter opens. What a crappy life. It smelled in there and there was no place to sit that wasn't right next to a bum reading a paper. That branch doesn't have particularly great books. None of the branches do: but all in all they have a great selection. The NYPL has such a great collection of books. Thank goodness for the internet to request them. :) What if it was the only branch in town.

I wonder if I could have gotten books from other branches when we lived in Illinois. There was only the Winnetka branch; and I guess we used to go to the Wilmette branch too. I'm having a difficult time picturing the Winnetka branch other than the adult section. And the exciting sex section. I'm sure it would be boring as heck now, but I remember there was a book on prostitution through the ages or something like that. Oh! How I longed to go through that book page by page! But I was too shy.


I exaggerate a lot. I have a problem with it. I love hyperbole and speaking ironically in black and white terms. If someone likes something, I tell them, "You love that! You won't shut up about it!" And if someone pooh poohs something, I say, "Okay, I know you hate it, but..." it's terrible, really. I should stop. But I hope that people know what I mean.

Silver baby come to me. I'll always hold you in my dreams. I bought this album on I told L* at I* about and he thought it was great. I told him that I loved The Fountainhead and he couldn't believe it. I guess he thinks I'm some big communist and I'm not. David liked it and he's a communist.

I like all this British crap I'm listening to. I like the Wodehouse. I didn't realize he was so prolific. Martin Jarvis is pretty good but there are very few bad readers I've found. Some people can do a ton of voices which is just fantastic. Patrick Tull, who narrates Down and Out by Orwell, can do all sorts of accents: French, Russian, Irish, Posh British, cockney, I think American but don't hold me to that.

Everybody Sucks

I listened to Down and Out in Paris and London all day at work today and I really enjoyed it. Orwell is such a good writer. I should get a biography although history books have always bored me. I tried to read the People's History of the United States and I just got bored around the Revolutionary War. I get it: white people suck. And then I read The House at Sugar Beach and black people suck too. Every body sucks so much ass. You'd think we'd learn after awhile but no. We never learn anything.

Mad Men and Ghost Whisperer

Last night, I watched the season premier of Ghost Whisperer and a Mad Men episode.  Anyway, where was I? Took a coffee break to think about Mad Men and its characters. Life was tough back then, eh? What else? What else? Going to go see The Wolfman tonight with Chris. It got terrible reviews but he still wants to see it it goes. I like my horror Victorian--although early Victorian is my preference. :) Last night, I was pretty scared by the Ghost whisperer.

I'm also reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. I think I've read it before: some of it seems familiar. I'm like that with mysteries and horror books. I have no recollection. I re-read Salem's Lot cover to cover and only one passage made me realize I'd read it before. Odd how some books, like the Good Earth, stick with me immediately and I can remember I read it forever. A is for Alibi gets a pass. And I enjoyed that series! Maybe it's time to re-visit them. I did like Kinsey Milhone.


I got home late last night from Intergroup. I had a couple okay phone calls. One was a woman calling from Florida. I guess she was having a difficult time finding a resource down there in Florida. She'd picked up after 10 years and was feeling a lot of shame about it. I didn't really know what to say or do. I didn't know what she wanted, frankly. The other night, I talked some newcomer's head off when really he just wanted to know where a meeting was at. Well, live and learn.