Everyone loves Catcher in the Rye.

 I didn't go up to CT because my voice was whack. Yesterday morning, after a whole 24 hours of rain, I walked into a sodden living room. The roof leaked all over the rug and chair. The television and the couch were spared, but the rest of the room was pretty wet. I called Joan and asked her if she was ready for a miserable morning. She said, "No." But she and Bill came up and dealt with it: God bless 'em.

Elisa came home and freaked out; she kind of cleaned up the place. She brought over a de-humidifier from her mother's house. I had to get out of the house because I had some cabin fever. I decided to go to the 3:00 p.m. Womens Meeting at The Mustard Seed on East 37th street.

So, I went to the womens meeting and it was just terrible. There was a homeless woman there who just wanted to be out of the rain. There's a lot of that going on these days. With the rain coming down and all. She was muttering to herself and getting up and playing with the lights and stuff. Two women walked out. I didn't blame them. When it was her turn to share during the round robin, it was just a schizophrenic rant laced with begging for twenty dollar bills.

It was over quickly so I walked over to the McDonald's to have a shake but they weren't making them. There have been a lot of ads for Fillet-o-Fishes so I ordered one of those instead--even though I didn't really want one. I just had some time to kill and an empty stomach. They'd closed down the downstairs and there was only one huge booth to sit in. Another guy sat down to share my booth (always socially awkward) and he started to pick up on me.  I just told him I was having a bite but was getting up to leave. So I had to get up and leave when I hadn't even finished my sandwich. A true Holden Caulfield moment I guess. Everyone loves Catcher in the Rye.

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