I see them once and I never see them again.

I was reading about some celebrity today who is on Lexapro and a spinach diet. I could be on Lexapro and a spinach diet. That would make me happy. It's used to treat anxiety. She probably took coke once (or many times) and got anxious and needed to go to the doctor. I can't throw any stones.

Had a great run this morning. Of course, since the weather's fantastic, everyone was out at the track. There was one guy who was forcing himself to sprint even though he was terribly out of shape. There's always one guy who remembers his high school track days. Dude, those days are over. It sucks but you gotta work your way up to running. I just want to trip those guys. I see them once and I never see them again.

Josh Greenberg, on Facebook, says he had a Shamrock Shake. I assume from McDonald's. I can't remember the last time I had one: probably my childhood if that. It could be a false memory. I know we never went to McDonald's. Well, the one in Singapore we went. But in Kenilworth, the one in Winnetka opened when I was in high school or something. I can count on one hand how many times we went there when I was a child. One hand. 

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