I married a Fireman

I've had three conversations with you. In two of those, you've managed to mention, "I married a fireman."

You won the lottery sister. You should brag and brag.

Ask and ye shall receive

Bakers love to bake. I've asked co-workers, family members, and roommates to bake for me and they have. All you gotta do is ask! (but be very respectful)

Home Box Office

Catfight In the Bushes

I'm lucky enough to have a small plot of land with a lot of un-tamed greenery outside my window.

Since before dawn, two cats have fought intermittently in the bushes having screaming cat fights every half an hour or so.

Krakah! There's more bushes in the Bronx! That's not the only one.

New Pet Peeve

I have a new pet peeve and it's an odd one. I don't like it when people bitch and moan about jury duty. I think it makes the person look like a tool.

It's your civic duty. Just do it and shut up.

My old dog

When I see this on the pavement, I think of my old dog, Butch, and how much he would have loved to have eaten these french fries.

Oh Butch: I hope you're keeping those trains in heaven in line.

Washing ones own sweaters

I washed my sweater and now it smells like wet, mildewed wool. Yuck.I smell like a church rummage sale.

Eating Breakfast

I understand picking up a bagel or muffin at the deli. That doesn't bother me. But eating a big bowl of cereal at your desk annoys me.