Waiting for the train to carry you home

I get on the train at the first stop in the Bronx. That means there's only one train (the six) and it's only going one way: South. What's odd to me is people sitting in the waiting room. They've paid their fare to get into the waiting area, but they don't seem to be hustling it for the train that's right upstairs.

I always wonder about the people who hang out at subway stops. The other day, I snapped this pic of two guys standing on the platform of the six train downtown. There's only one train but they let it pass.

Perhaps they're tourists. I'll give 'em that. I've been a train dumbass on a number of occasions.

Cleveland Clinic

I dunno Laurel: maybe you wouldn't have had that annurism if you weren't such a controlling bitch.

Your baby

I found this on Post Secret. While I don't have an annoying bride in my life right now, I just left a job with an annoying expectant mother. She was in the cubicle right next to mine. All day long, people would drop by and ask her the same questions and she'd answer them ad nauseum in excruciating detail. It wouldn't have been so bad once or twice, but all day long. Eventually, I'd just get up and go talk to my friend in Accounting.

Postcards are the wave of the future

Brilliant marketing. People send postcards all the time now, especially since it's so cheap. And when I decide to spend a little money on a stamp, I want to make sure there's no room for me to write. I hate writing about myself!


Let's have an unguarded ladder against a building on a busy street in midtown where speeding cars might want to pull over really quickly and plow into it!!