Only One On The Train

6 Train Last Stop

Someday, when I get to Heaven, St. Peter will show me a movie of my life. He'll show me my favorite day on Earth; it will be when I got the air-conditioned subway car all to myself.

Followed in quick succession by:

  • my wedding day
  • the birth of my children and
  • the final day of my divorce.
  • Living in Nevada is Easier

    One of the best things about living in California was when I filled out online address forms, all I had to do was hit the letter C when I got to the state selection. California (CA) was the first state that popped up.

    Now that I live in New York--and I get to the state selection--I hit the N key and the first state that pops up is Nevada. I have to take my right hand off the keyboard and place it on the mouse where I have to scroll down and select NY.

    I'm calling Hillary.

    Update: Nebraska is actually the first in the pull down menu. The whole state is full of lazy sacks of sh*t.

    Unkink the Hose

    I hate it when I have a soda and then when it comes time for my subway stop, I stand up and burp so powerfully and unexpectedly that it burns my nose and makes my eyes water.

    Super Friendly People

    I live with the two friendliest people on the planet Earth. You might say, "But Maulleigh, I know that Delta flight attendant who drove me from one terminal to another...and then there was that woman...Mother Theresa..."

    No, not as friendly. I'm living with two of the nicest, most outgoing women. They make an effort to say good morning to me in the morning, and say goodnight to me before they go to bed. They offer me their food. The roommate who works at Starbucks is allotted one bag of beans a week and is giving me the beans. When I was hot in my room, she set up an elaborate fan system to cool me off. The other just gave me her business card in the kitchen and told me to forward documents to her at work so she could print them out at work for me.

    Friendly people make me nervous: mainly, because I'm one of them. I know what and how they think. They give everyone the benefit of the doubt right up front, but anything any little thing and they'll turn on you. There's only one direction from here and it's down. I wonder how I'll fuck up.

    Because I will fuck it up. And we'll all go to silent nods, whispers and nasty notes left in the kitchen.

    Kinda Depressed Today

    I'm now in the Bronx on the last stop on the 6 train. Last night, it took me 76 minutes (turnstile to turnstile) to get home. I really took the tunaville trolley. Why do trains seemingly go slower at night? I noticed that. At six o'clock, we just zipped a long.

    So that's bumming me out. I'm living in an old house with few electrical outlets and no basic cable television. I feel like I'm living with Patty and Selma and their tongue sandwiches.

    Here's what's good about the place:
    1. Starbucks beans (one of the roommates works at Starbucks)
    2. A bevy of unsecured wireless connections in the neighborhood. I'd be lost without them. Lost.
    3. A great showerhead that I can take off the thinger and get everything clean. At the old place, it just stood over me and whined.

    I know that I'm bummed out just because of the change of scenery. People get depressed when their surroundings and routine changes. It's a fact.

    I have to go into Manhattan today and now I have to plan everything well in advance. There's no going back and forth. That shit ain't happening.