Saddest News I've Read All Day

I hate to put on my feminazi-women's-studies-minor-hat here, but there's still so much violence against women in this world. Does it matter if they were upstanding members of the community or crack-addicted prostitutes? All were innocent victims of some crazy asshole.

What can be done?

4 WomenÂ’s Bodies Found Near Atlantic City
The bodies of four women lying face down in several inches of water were discovered yesterday afternoon in a ditch near Atlantic City, the Atlantic County prosecutorÂ’s office said.

The bodies were found several feet apart behind a strip of motels on the 8000 block of Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township. None of the women were identified last night, and the police did not give a cause of death.

Loser Whiff

Once you've got "loser whiff" there's no going back. Mark Fuhrman saved you a seat right next to him.

November 19, 2006
Sen. Kerry Still Considering 2008 White House Bid

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry said on Sunday he is still considering a second run for the White House in 2008, despite public criticism of what he has has called a ``botched joke'' about the Iraq war.

No Grunting, They Said, and He Was at the Gym

God, I hate asshole douchebag "toolboxes" like this. I know he's the kind of guy who masturbates in front of the mirror and thinks he deserves anal after a middling dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Fucker.

November 18, 2006
No Grunting, They Said, and He Was at the Gym
WAPPINGERS FALLS, N.Y., Nov. 13 — Albert Argibay, a bodybuilder and a state correction officer, was at a Planet Fitness gym with 500 pounds of weight on his shoulders one afternoon this month when the club manager walked over and told him it was time to leave. Mr. Argibay, the manager explained, had violated one of the club’s most sacred and strictly enforced rules: He was grunting.

“I said to her, ‘I’m not grunting, I’m breathing heavy,’ ” recalled Mr. Argibay, 40, an energetic man with the hulking appearance of a pro linebacker. “I guess she didn’t like the fact that I challenged her, because she said to me, ‘Meet me up front; I’m canceling your membership.’ ”

He continued lifting, but soon was surrounded by town police officers, who told him to drop the weight slowly and pack his bag, then escorted him from the gym. Now Mr. Argibay is considering suing the club, claiming the notoriety the incident earned him in this cozy 5,000-person town 75 miles north of Manhattan is tantamount to defamation. Mr. Argibay said he has endured ridicule from colleagues who call him and make grunting noises, and he fears that inmates will lose respect for him.

Grunting, rude as it may be, has been commonplace in gyms for as long as weights have been lifted. At most health clubs, grunts elicit little more than annoyed looks or sighs of irritation. But at Planet Fitness, a national chain with 120 locations, it is a matter not only of etiquette, but also of club policy: one too many offending noises can get a membership revoked in the time it takes to do a sit-up. Nationwide, the chain expels roughly two members a month for various reasons, most commonly grunting and dropping weights.


I just did one of my patened squealing with delight while stretching moves at my desk; it woke my roommate who came running in to ask if I was okay.


San Jose State University 1992

Don't let the Keystone box hat fool you; I wasn't at all cool.

Molly 1992

Big Nerds

In the early 1990s, I went to a top echelon engineering school in Silicon Valley--San Jose State. I like to call San Jose State University the home of the poor and smart and the rich and stupid. Guess which category I fit into.

Most of the kids in the dorms were okay, but there were a few weirdos. One guy came to the dining commons wearing a members only jacket (not mid-eighties mind you) zipped to the top and covered his tray in small glasses filled with soda. He'd then proceed to drink them all one by one with a psychotic Jack Nicholson smile on his face. Another young man wore a walkman all the time and breathed through his mouth. One day, someone asked him what he was listening to. It was video game music.

I am now that big of a nerd. One of my favorite composers is Mark Mothersbaugh. My favorite video game is The Sims. I would buy this CD.