Saddest News I've Read All Day

I hate to put on my feminazi-women's-studies-minor-hat here, but there's still so much violence against women in this world. Does it matter if they were upstanding members of the community or crack-addicted prostitutes? All were innocent victims of some crazy asshole.

What can be done?

4 WomenÂ’s Bodies Found Near Atlantic City
The bodies of four women lying face down in several inches of water were discovered yesterday afternoon in a ditch near Atlantic City, the Atlantic County prosecutorÂ’s office said.

The bodies were found several feet apart behind a strip of motels on the 8000 block of Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township. None of the women were identified last night, and the police did not give a cause of death.


FishNChimps said...

People who do that most likely regard all life as worthless, so it would make no difference who the women were or where they were from. The poignant detail is the lack of early identification, as if they weren't even missed.

Marcie said...

Women's rights are Human rights.

Put that femi-nazi hat on anytime you like. I'll listen.

Anti Misandry said...

Peronally, I think violence against PEOPLE - not 'just' women is a problem. And more importantly, it's a people problem - not a men's problem.

Verifiable statistics, such as surveys taken from those who do not have a feminist agenda, have proven that intimate partner violence occurs roughly equal between the sexes (or 'genders' if you prefer). In fact, lesbian d/v is about the worst of all.

Additionally, if we move away from d/v and onto violence of any kind - men actually make up the vast majority of victims.

So, let's not put our feminazi hat on too often. I realise you were taught (or so it seems) ina women's studies class - but please, do account for bias and miss-information.

Anonymous said...

Females are soft and warm and cuddly but the modern-type females of today left me cold so I decided to shun them.
Let some other sucker impregnate them, attempt to sate their whims, tolerate their emotion-laden illogic.
Happiness and freedom was and is more important to me than being chained to a female.
Sure, there ARE a few decent wimmenfolk' out there but their numbers are far too small, in my opinion, for me to take a chance with any female.
Witnessing the damage done to males and society in general by females the past few decades I felt compelled to create the Females as Property Movement.
I have been shocked by the MANY males who have communicated to me that it may actually be necessary to curtail female access to the full gamut of ADULT privileges and rights due to the too-common female inability to accept ADULT responsibilities.