Kicking Myself With My New Shoes

So Sketchers let me down this season; they typically make this great unisex shoe that is perfect for my lifestyle. I've been wearing this shoe for years. No dice for 2007. So I could go cheaper (no) or go more expensive. I went with John Fluevogs (ouch). Bought them online assuming I'd get them from a distributor in Oklahoma.

Today, I got a phone call from the Prince Street store. A very friendly woman named Karen asked me if I just wanted to come down to the store and pick them up. I thought about it, and said no, I'd rather she ship them.

I get the bill. $12 for shipping uptown. I WOULD HAVE PICKED THEM UP FOR TWELVE DOLLARS!!! I suppose it's dumb of me not to think of it, but she could have said know? I would have.

Hometown Hotties Competition

This was mistakenly delivered to our office instead of where it was supposed to go. I can't tell you how much I wanted to open it.