Kicking Myself With My New Shoes

So Sketchers let me down this season; they typically make this great unisex shoe that is perfect for my lifestyle. I've been wearing this shoe for years. No dice for 2007. So I could go cheaper (no) or go more expensive. I went with John Fluevogs (ouch). Bought them online assuming I'd get them from a distributor in Oklahoma.

Today, I got a phone call from the Prince Street store. A very friendly woman named Karen asked me if I just wanted to come down to the store and pick them up. I thought about it, and said no, I'd rather she ship them.

I get the bill. $12 for shipping uptown. I WOULD HAVE PICKED THEM UP FOR TWELVE DOLLARS!!! I suppose it's dumb of me not to think of it, but she could have said know? I would have.


pinknest said...

maulleigh, you're nutso. why didn't you go pick them up yourself in the first place?! i'm such an instant gratification type person that i'd be down there in a second. must. have. now. and i HATE the cost of shipping. i look for so many ways to avoid it.

LisaBinDaCity said...

That's pretty pricey. They should have at least mentioned they weren't sending them UPS slow boat.

Kirsten said...

Fluevogs are SO worth the $, they last forever. But yes, that is lame! Check on ebay for used vogs, they get listed quite a bit for much cheaper, that is if you can stomach used shoes. Sometimes you'll find new ones too, cheaper than retail.