Big Nerds

In the early 1990s, I went to a top echelon engineering school in Silicon Valley--San Jose State. I like to call San Jose State University the home of the poor and smart and the rich and stupid. Guess which category I fit into.

Most of the kids in the dorms were okay, but there were a few weirdos. One guy came to the dining commons wearing a members only jacket (not mid-eighties mind you) zipped to the top and covered his tray in small glasses filled with soda. He'd then proceed to drink them all one by one with a psychotic Jack Nicholson smile on his face. Another young man wore a walkman all the time and breathed through his mouth. One day, someone asked him what he was listening to. It was video game music.

I am now that big of a nerd. One of my favorite composers is Mark Mothersbaugh. My favorite video game is The Sims. I would buy this CD.


pinknest said...

i love the sims, too.

bowling with no panties said...

I'll have you know that when asked what his favorite kind of music was, a certain 12 year old I know said, "Video Game Music". Yeah.

And classical.

He is growing up with two musicians who love everthing from AC/DC to Neil Young and a whole bunch of awesome stuff in everywhere, musical instruments everywhere, and T. likes VIDEO GAME MUSIC.

I'm dying inside.

I also think you were poor and smart!!!!