Only One On The Train

6 Train Last Stop

Someday, when I get to Heaven, St. Peter will show me a movie of my life. He'll show me my favorite day on Earth; it will be when I got the air-conditioned subway car all to myself.

Followed in quick succession by:

  • my wedding day
  • the birth of my children and
  • the final day of my divorce.

    pinknest said...

    nice. what train was that?

    Marcie said...

    Just one divorce?
    These days that shouldn't be to hard. I've done one already;)

    New York Punk said...

    what about the following:
    The day your blog gets you a book deal.
    Going on a date and accidently finding out that your ex is the waiter for your table.

    Corey said...

    that train is bernard getz' wet dream

    Greg said...

    Well, I've never been on the subway, but according to some of my friends, that's pretty remarkable. So hey, congrats!

    Slinky Redfoot said...

    you could eat a five course meal off those kitchen clean seats. hey, why hasn't a retaurant opened on one of the train cars??

    Slinky Redfoot said...

    holy crap that's a good idea i had there?!!!