Kinda Depressed Today

I'm now in the Bronx on the last stop on the 6 train. Last night, it took me 76 minutes (turnstile to turnstile) to get home. I really took the tunaville trolley. Why do trains seemingly go slower at night? I noticed that. At six o'clock, we just zipped a long.

So that's bumming me out. I'm living in an old house with few electrical outlets and no basic cable television. I feel like I'm living with Patty and Selma and their tongue sandwiches.

Here's what's good about the place:
  1. Starbucks beans (one of the roommates works at Starbucks)
  2. A bevy of unsecured wireless connections in the neighborhood. I'd be lost without them. Lost.
  3. A great showerhead that I can take off the thinger and get everything clean. At the old place, it just stood over me and whined.

I know that I'm bummed out just because of the change of scenery. People get depressed when their surroundings and routine changes. It's a fact.

I have to go into Manhattan today and now I have to plan everything well in advance. There's no going back and forth. That shit ain't happening.


Evil Discussor said...

Don't be down, Maulleigh. Free coffee and wireless is everything. You don't really need much else to live happy. Besides maybe an awesome showerhead. And look, you've got that too. Plus, the Bronx is cool. Cause now you can tell people you live in the Bronx. And that's cool.


Slinky Redfoot said...

I believe Starbucks causes depression

pinknest said...

i know what you mean about disrupted routines. it might take some time and patience, but you'll find it again.