Key Lime Pie

I finally had a slice of the Key Lime pie. It was frozen in the freezer. I had to cut the saran wrap and it took me awhile to cut and hack it out. But I had a bit. It was pretty sour but also pretty delicious. I keep being reminded of the Key Lime episodes in Dexter with that horrible woman in records. God, I hated those hospice scenes. Anyway, he finally kills her off with a slice of key lime pie. Dexter asks Deb if she knows of any good key lime pie places; she tells him about all the local places it's just "sour dog shit." I love Deb. She's one of the best characters on that show.

I went into town this morning. Well, I got up at six this morning and went to the track for 45 minutes. It was foggy and drizzly and it full-on rained a couple times. One time it was really towards the end of my run so I just put on my jacket and walked home in it. My jacket and vest were on the fence where I left them, but my water bottle was missing. I thought, "Well, maybe I didn't take it to the track today." But when I got home, it wasn't here either. It was then that I remembered the guy picking up litter. Man, for a state that's out of money, we still have people to pick up our parks. I love it! I love Pelham Bay Park. In the summer, weekends are like Woodstock. It's packed! And Monday morning by noon you'd think it was the windswept moors of Yorkshire. Pristine as Summer's dawn it is.

I listened to a bit of The Moon and Sixpence. Good book. Interesting perspective. It makes me want to watch "Vincent and Theo" again. Must stay focused. I'm also enjoying the Jeeves and Wooster audio books and dvds. I'm watching the Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry shows on netflix. Fantastic. They do a good job. Although of course they have to give Stephen Fry more of a part than he actually has in the books. In the books, it's all about Bertie Wooster and his thoughts.  I want to live in a Bertie Wooster novel. I wish I had no problems other than my Aunt Agatha and her marriage pursuits for me. I tried watching some episodes of HOUSE but I just don't like his character. I guess he's supposed to be an asshole, but I don't like assholes much. I don't aspire to be one. And even if I aspired to be one, I wouldn't want to be like any other asshole before me. It's not like I'm taking notes when I watch.

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