Didn't Pay the Cable Bill

Maybe I shouldn't pay any attention to any thought I have before noon. Whenever I'm feeling anything, I should look at my watch and see if it's noon yet. If not, out it goes as pointless.

I didn't have the ipod on shuffle so have been listening to songs I haven't listened to since early January. One by one. It was a walk down memory lane. I was listening to  new songs for a long time so the old ones fell by the wayside. I like having the ipod on the other side of the room instead of having music steaming through my computer. Less likely I'll turn it off for something else.

I didn't go for a run today; the rain's been lashing the windowpane all day. ALL DAY. Since I got up this morning at eight o'clock. I keep checking the weather and it always looks like it's about to quit and then another huge, red-and-green-and yellow cloud shows up.

I've done a little bit of work today. I keep meaning to turn off the computer and go read the ever-increasing stack of magazines on my dresser. I always want to spend more time at home and then when I'm here I'm just checking facebook on the regular. I spend more time with old friends than with making new ones. There's something wrong with me! :) Well, there's lots wrong with me. Jill imed me. I think she's in Merced or something. I dunno. On a bike tour. Mom and I had a good talk this morning, even though my voice is now at fifty percent. I should remember that the voice is out for the count for three days if I get sick. It's no joke. I can't remember the last time I lost my voice. I know I lost it while I was at Willis so that was 2007.  I know I've had colds since then. There's no rhyme or reason to it. So it goes.

Drinking a diet coke. I had three hot dogs for lunch and that seemed to satisfy me.

I got the cablevision bill this morning. Evidently I didn't pay the bill last month! Whoa! How did that happen?! So I cut another check this morning I hope everything works out okay. That's not really like me but shit happens. I'm not perfect. I get distracted by things. Lucky for us it's not cut off. I don't know when it gets cut off. They should send a warning at least. Right? We haven't gotten that yet.

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