All Insult to Injury

I did some maths. I re-did the exercises from yesterday that I sucked at. And this is what I did: I read the fucking manual already. Yesterday, I skimmed the instructions, but today I read them out loud in full voice. It helped tremendously.

Last night, I watched the movie Precious illegally online. I found some site at random and could watch it in pretty good form. I watched it full screen with no interruption. So yeah: that was a powerful movie. I have no problems today. None at all. I really do have no problems.

I seem to have a hacking cough. I wonder if it's the cold come back or whether it's the moldy hall stairs. I closed the door because I wasn't crazy about it left wide open. So now I can't breathe and my throat's all raw. So it goes. Must have choices in life. Yesterday and yesterday evening it poured outside. Man! I thought the sky had opened up. I was working on a boat but the ceiling didn't leak.

The Health Care bill passed. It's elicited some controversy on the net. I have my own, conflicting views on it. More will be revealed.

Andrew W.K. is kind of annoying. Some of his stuff I like but some of it is just too too (as Oscar Wilde would say it). I didn't know that Stephen Fry is the lead in that movie: now I really want to see it. Maybe I'll request it from the library. Maybe I'll also request Capote again. I liked that movie. I saw it in the movie theater. No, I think it was the new Pink Panther with Steve...shoot, who is that actor? I'm blanking on his name. Martin! That's his name. And then, to add insult to injury, I saw it on a plane again. Well, it was showing on a plane. Of all the movies to show on a plane: I never go to the movies, but they had to show one movie I'd already seen. So it goes.

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