Just thinking of Sandra Bullock. Won for best actress and her husband was cheating on her. Son of a bitch. I hate that clown. I liked them as a couple, too. What a tool. What a cheat! It's making big news on the internets today; it'll die down tomorrow or the next day. We all know about cheating. Guys cheat. It's really kind of depressing. Hollywood is terrible. Politics is terrible. Mark Sanford? The Governor who went to Argentina and lied to everyone and spent money that wasn't his. Rielle Hunter and the John Edwards love child. I hope she gets a clue soon. The GQ interview made her sound terrible. Poor kid but she's 50% both so she's already a mess from day one.

That's mean; we always say it's terrible to say bad things about kids, but they always grow up to be adults. And very few of them take the veil or the cloth.

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