Ad Nauseam Ad Infinitum

I listened to the bugle podcast. I'm going to weep the day that's no longer. It's so great. It's such a Friday treat. Well, more of a Saturday treat as that's when I listen to it. Today they had on the American (some anonymous comic) who comes on and plays a dumb American from Jersey or wherever. He was weighing in on the new health bill.

I keep getting phantom pangs that I think are hunger. So I've decided to sip water every single time I want to run into the kitchen to eat something. I should cut down on all the sugar I eat. I eat a ton of sugar and fast food. I'm always eating out and about and it's always pizza and junk food like that. I don't like to cook just for me so it's processed crap mostly.

I always like a little Victorian literature kicking about, so yesterday when I was at the library I got a Sherlock Holmes book. How come no one is named Sherlock. Were people used to be named Sherlock? Is what I just wrote a proper sentence? Probably not. I also got a couple Wooster and Jeeves books. Good stuff! Why would I want to listen to anything else? I like the dramatics: the fireplace sounds and the people coming in and leaving rooms.

*sip* I want to eat more. *sip* but I'm not hungry so I just keep sipping and sipping. Which sucks because it will mean I'll have to go to the bathroom more. And I really don't enjoy the whole process of going to the bathroom. First, it's the growing discomfort. And then, you have to get up and go. And if you drink a lot of water, you have to repeat it ad naueseum infinitum.

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