I exaggerate a lot. I have a problem with it. I love hyperbole and speaking ironically in black and white terms. If someone likes something, I tell them, "You love that! You won't shut up about it!" And if someone pooh poohs something, I say, "Okay, I know you hate it, but..." it's terrible, really. I should stop. But I hope that people know what I mean.

Silver baby come to me. I'll always hold you in my dreams. I bought this album on half.com. I told L* at I* about half.com and he thought it was great. I told him that I loved The Fountainhead and he couldn't believe it. I guess he thinks I'm some big communist and I'm not. David liked it and he's a communist.

I like all this British crap I'm listening to. I like the Wodehouse. I didn't realize he was so prolific. Martin Jarvis is pretty good but there are very few bad readers I've found. Some people can do a ton of voices which is just fantastic. Patrick Tull, who narrates Down and Out by Orwell, can do all sorts of accents: French, Russian, Irish, Posh British, cockney, I think American but don't hold me to that.

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Velvet VaVoom said...

I totally exaggerate all the time, and make sweeping generalizations that are not backed up by any facts. It's more fun that way!