Augusten Burroughs and Prime Numbers

I finished Dry by Augusten Burroughs last night. It was pretty good. I read it to the very last paragraph--which is extremely rare for me. It's very rare that I finish a book and not do a little-to-a lot of skimming towards the end. Things tend to bore me pretty quick: and it's not like I'm some super brain. It's just that most tales have been told. And the ones that have been new and quick have been in our collective unconscious for years. There is nothing new under the sun.

He mentions what it's like to smoke crack and I could imagine it. Maybe I'd get hooked on that if someone let me try it. I know I got hooked immediately on The Sims when I went to visit Betsy K in 2001. Man, what a summer! I was hooked on that game.

I started to do some math yesterday and got a little bit stuck on the prime numbers. I think I was making it more difficult that it actually was/is. I went online and found some tutorials and some exercises and figured it out. I took the questions again and got 100%! I'm so smart. :) I figured out prime numbers.

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