Mad Men and Ghost Whisperer

Last night, I watched the season premier of Ghost Whisperer and a Mad Men episode.  Anyway, where was I? Took a coffee break to think about Mad Men and its characters. Life was tough back then, eh? What else? What else? Going to go see The Wolfman tonight with Chris. It got terrible reviews but he still wants to see it it goes. I like my horror Victorian--although early Victorian is my preference. :) Last night, I was pretty scared by the Ghost whisperer.

I'm also reading The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler. I think I've read it before: some of it seems familiar. I'm like that with mysteries and horror books. I have no recollection. I re-read Salem's Lot cover to cover and only one passage made me realize I'd read it before. Odd how some books, like the Good Earth, stick with me immediately and I can remember I read it forever. A is for Alibi gets a pass. And I enjoyed that series! Maybe it's time to re-visit them. I did like Kinsey Milhone.

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