I'm in a great mood today. My fingers can finally work again. I was trying to type before but I was so cold from my run. Yesterday, after my marketing, I turned off the computer for awhile and read a networking book. It helped and I decided to be a better networker. To get out of myself.

I took the train into the city and went to the meeting. I was a little early and saw a woman sitting outside of the room waiting for the second meeting to start. Typically, I'd ignore her. But I'd been reading that networking book so I decided to say hello and ask if she was a newcomer. Turns out she kind of was. Her name was Alice and she had about five months but had counted days in Los Angeles. So, we talked about the differences between California and New York . It wasn't a stellar conversation and I think I talked more than I should have. But I was so damn proud of myself for saying something!

When I got into the meeting, I mentally thought of all the people I knew by name. While I didn't say hi to anyone, I did keep a smile on my face. I saw this guy John on the other side of the room so I did say hello to him. I like him even though I don't know him if that makes any sense. He may prove otherwise in the future.

Decided to walk all the way up to 116th street to the Capri bakery (even though in my heart I wasn't that into the carbs at the moment). Once I decide I can do something, I'm loathe to give it up. It was pretty cold last night and my hands got numb. Once I got hoofing it, though, I was okay. I decided on a nasty berry pie and a chocolate chip cookie (i.e. a cookie with chocolate chips on top). I kind of did some emotional eating of the cookie. The  cookie was ending up in my mouth at a rapid pace. I had to stop myself.

Watched a Mad Men episode on the way home. That got me out of my head.

When I got home, roommate was kind of worked up about the mouse situation. She'd been cleaning.

This morning, I put on my new, white cap and headed over to the park. Both the track and the path were clear so that was nice. While I was running around, I saw a camera man and a young news anchor. She stopped me and asked me what I thought of the new smoking ban in parks. I gotta say, I don't give a rip and don't think I gave her a very good interview. I hemmed and hawed. Not stellar television there.

I put the turbotax into the computer this morning and fired it up. I found my taxes from last year so that should help. It plugged them right in and filled in a lot of the nonsense I typically have to re-do. What a smart program. I know I'll change my tune.

Yesterday, for lunch, I ate my homemade frozen burritos. I think I need to tinker with the recipe.

Roommate sent around an email this morning saying the mice were out of control and landlady needs to call and exterminator. So, I hope that happens today. I sent out a lot of emails yesterday. Under my new system, I can send out about 50 in a day. Yesterday was a "Katie" day and it may be a "Katie" day again today. A lot of Katies in photography. Problem is, they all have music on their pages so I have to turn my speakers off. Ugh.

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