Super Bowl Sunday

It's superbowl sunday. Packers versus the Steelers. I don't have a dog in that fight, as my father would say, but if I had to choose I'd go with the Packers. It's my Midwestern roots.
The pork chop baked ended up nice. I need to make the other pork chop recipe today. I'll have pork chops for days! Oh well, I like pork chops. :) Although those poor pigs. I'm terrible. Chicken is much cheaper. I should really switch to chicken as it's better for me: two legs good, four legs bad. :) Animal Farm be damned. This is Michael Pollan we're talking about here.
Mom called me from Portland this morning. I guess they're all there. She called early because the Sunday morning show was featuring the Black Eyed Peas and she didn't care. I don't care either. I asked to speak to Aunt Charlene and had a good chat with her. I told her how much I enjoyed the Caramel bars she made and left for us at the Condo. She said she'd email me the recipe. Mmmm, I love those.

I may treat myself to a baked good today but I don't know what yet.

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