Gray Morning

It's a gray morning. I set the alarm for early because I'm sick of running around in the sun--even on a cold day. It's best to get in the habit now of rising before dawn and doing the run. The earlier the better I say. It's so warm now.

I need to continue to listen to that Difficult Conversations book and really listen and learn. I'm learning some stuff. I'm learning about those intentions.

Uploading the photograph for a client. Although she's not a new client, I haven't really worked with her much in the past so I'm nervous about her wants and needs. She seems okay, but I'll be happy when this project is over. I hate estimating for time. Then, it's like I have to play the timing game. I send something to her when I'm at about 75%. If she likes it, great! If not, I'm still under time so it's all good. But I hate that.

It's such a relief doing stuff that needs doing. Now, I have to probably turn off the computer and do some other things. I need to do marketing. I need to take a big, stinky pile of clothes to the laundromat. I suppose I could turn off the computer for a couple hours. Maybe I'll do my marketing now and then turn it off for the rest of the afternoon.

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