Heavy sigh. It feels good to get back to "normal." I'm accomplishing a lot today but I still haven't done all the things I need to do. I set the alarm this morning for six but of course rolled over and went back to sleep. Got up a little before eight o'clock and put on the running gear. Made the coffee and headed out. No dice. I got to the asphalt path and decided to scope it out before doing a running lap. About 50% of it was still un runnable. This gave me a case of the sads. So, I walked home. The whole trip probably took me about 45 minutes so I had a nice walk. But still.

Mom called me. She's in Portland with dad. It was six a.m. there so no lights were on. She was in front of the fireplace under a blanket. A nice image. I wish I had a fireplace that flicked on with a switch. Maybe in my dream house. The house that my sister will build for me.

That walk did me good. Even with the peanut butter chip cookies from the Farmer's Market yesterday. That's what I had for lunch yesterday. I was really craving baked goods so walked to Union Square on my lunch hour. Got a $2 bag of three cookies and had two for lunch. Munched on one back to work which was kind of a mistake because it was still below freezing and my hands got so cold they hurt. :( I hate that! I hate when it's so uncomfortable outside it's painful. I don't mind the cold, but sometimes it's a pain in the ass when it hurts.

Right now, I'm ripping "Fear of Flying" onto the computer. Picked it up from the library. Had a nice, chatty back and forth with the librarian. I like her. She's an older lady and very friendly and nice. I like very friendly and nice people. It may seem like a no brainer, but, they seem to be rare. Nice is pretty easy to find and polite is easy as well. But nice, friendly and personable? Not so much. I complimented her on her snowflake earrings. She said she was worried she'd jinxed us with so much snow with her earrings! It was kind of funny.

Went to the Chinese vegetable stand and picked up oranges, tofu, broccoli, noodles, and stir fry sauce. And, as always, a little fruit cup. It's so cheap there but I have to pay in cash. I'm sure that's the place that got my credit card info. So it goes. They've got the dial up. Then, stopped at the economy store for liquid soap and then the grocery store for pork chops and other necessities. I really need to do shopping lists and plan out more menus. Although this pork chop bake I just made will feed me for 8 meals. Which is a lot. Last night, I polished off the chicken Parmesan which lasted for more than a week. I eat out and on the town. I was in the city for the whole week so ate there.

I'd hoped to change my sheets today but the day is still young. I can still do it. I feel like cleaning. I also bought ingredients for Autumn pork chops (basically pork chops sauteed in apple juice) but I have to defrost the apple juice from the freezer.

My skin is so dry! God, it bothers me. I drink too much liquid. I'm always going to the bathroom and therefore washing my hands and my hands get so chapped. I need to do a nightly treatment or something.

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