Valentine's Day

I'm tired and am in a cranky mood. I thought I was going to get up early and go for a run. I was even wide awake and getting ready to go out when I remembered my terrible morning the other day. I felt really tired and it's no fun walking around in the dark. It's kind of creepy. You don't know what kind of psychos are in the park or out and about at that hour. Just I just stayed in bed, frustrated.

Checked my email and the cablevision bills are still coming to me--even though roommate and I filled out paperwork to have them go to her.

Went to the MET yesterday. There was very little that was new. I may have wasted my money on a membership. Oh well: money over the dam. It's going to be warm for the first time in months. Yesterday, I wore a light jacket and that was blessed. I have to concentrate on that today and not on all the piddling little bullshit that bothers me.

Am I still cranky? A little. I feel like I want to lash out. I was feeling so good yesterday. No sleep and extra paperwork makes me go something something. Last night, I stepped into Best Buy on 86th street to buy a copy of Turbo tax and walked out without it. I bought a charger and another set of headphones but completely spaced on what I'd walked in there to buy in the first place. *sigh*

There's a bad moon on the rise. I was thinking this morning in bed. I was remembering all the bad times. Facebook reminds me of a lot of things I'd like to forget. I'd like to defriend half the people I'm friends with. That's the way I am: I get rid of clutter. I defriend people. I should defriend one person a month.

I just want to read books and be left alone.

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