Toilets at Grand Central Station

I love the toilets at Grand Central Station. They're very clean and there are a lot of them.

Put together the packets for both Queens CUNY and USF. Took photographs of the ingredients so when I freak out later I can have photographic proof that I included everything that needed including. I'm a nut job that way. What the hell am I getting myself into, here? Do I really want to go to school? Well. Why the heck not? So it goes.

Turned off the computer and finally finished the WIRED magazine that was burning a hole in my bureau top. The next one will arrive tomorrow! It was a good issue. I ripped out two articles and sent them to dad. One was on con men and grifters in the 19th century and the other was about some dry statistician who figured out how the lottery worked. He used his knowledge for good, however, so we can root for him. It's kind of refreshing. Instead of cashing in on it, he went to the lottery and showed them how he'd done it. I'd buy that guy a drink if I was the drinking sort. But I'm not. Not anymore.

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