Free-floating anxiety today

Free-floating anxiety today. Just a lot of little things. It's not sunny out but kind of grey. Had an okay run. On my way, I passed the broken pedestrian light and decided to finally call 311 on it. It's all turned around and gets people confused about whether they should cross the street or not.

Talked to 311 and told them the problem. By the time I was done with my run, within an hour, it had been taken care of!!! Wow! How's that for someone being on it? :) So, that was nice.

Came home and got ready for the exterminators who were supposed to be here at ten. Kept waiting and waiting. Finally got an email from landlady saying they're coming tomorrow instead because of mis communication. So it goes. I don't care. The mice get a stay of execution. One more day they can live it up!

Last night, I met friend at Milon at about 6:30 p.m. Before hand, I went to Moishe's and got a Hamantachen. I have to eat there while it's still open. OMG they've got such tasty Hamantachen. I'll weep the day that place closes.

Had a little nibble on the way to Milon. We skipped the appetizers (all fried) and the naan. I got tandoori chicken and friend ordered a couple of delicious sides. After dinner, we walked up to Veniero's on East 11th street. There, I had a slice of the almond cheese cake and a decaf coffee and friend had a piece of regular Italian cheesecake. I polished mine off and could have had another slice easily.

I need to go to the library and I need to go into the city. Everything today is okay. I guess I'm a little on edge because I got two requests today to do batch processing and I've never done that. I don't have the software and would need to purchase it. Light room is expensive.

I also got investment information back from dad for my taxes. I need to fill that information in and do that. Lucky for me I still have tons of time.

It feels like a Friday even though it's a Thursday. I slept all right last night. I'm defrosting burrito stuff in order to make more frozen burritos. It's getting to be about breakfast time. It's almost noon.

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