Donuts for Valentine's Day

I was a little cranky this morning when I was running around in the park. I guess everyone has a big leash-free dog party on Saturday mornings. Which is fine, I guess, if they clean up after their dogs. But one guy, with a brindle black and brown dog, did not. Whatever. He was already in the red with me on that one. Then, his dog follows me and jumps on me when I'm running away. It freaked the fuck out of me! The dog was just being friendly, but dude! Leash your dog. It made me want to get all old lady on them and call the cops. My inner old lady is strong.

I had to throw away that pedometer yesterday. I'm glad I didn't spend more money on it. I have to complain about it online. It just kept resetting itself. The button would get pushed somehow. I'd look down and it would say I'd walked 50 steps back from the bathroom. When I'd accidentally pushed it while rearranging my clothes after using the toilet. :( Fume. I just threw it away. I can't have stuff like that kicking around making me mental.

Yesterday, the accounting department brought in dunkin' donuts for valentines day. I wasn't going to have one: but then manager comes in with half a one and gives me the other one. :( Thanks, manager. You're the one person I thought wasn't going to have one! Of course then I wasn't hungry for lunch but forced myself to go to Trader Joe's and stand in line for over 10 minutes. The line was back and around the store. Well, they do have cheap stuff. I guess it is worth waiting in line for. At least they have one line. If it was several lines, it would be turmoil I can tell you. I just stood in line and watched South Park cartoons. That made it better.

Mom and I were talking on the phone today about transatlantic flights and how much I abhor long flights. She says they're not that bad. You sit there for 20 hours but you watch four movies and sleep and they keep bringing around meals for you to eat. So, yeah, I guess. I need to go to Singapore.

What do I have to do today? I should go over to the library and sort out this book mess. I have a Nancy Mitford book out but my record shows I have something else completely checked out. So, I need to sort out that mess. I will not be dinged for not having a book out. And I need to go somewhere where I'm known and trusted.

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