Nostalgia for a time when I wasn't happy

I get nostalgic for times when I felt "safe." I miss lots of stuff. I miss my big apartment in Carmichael. I miss having the Albertsons right across the street and my parents two hours away.

I guess I felt "safe" at my old job. I was never going to lose that job. I felt safe in CA. I wasn't happy at the C*A, but I sorta liked Sacramento in its own way.

I wonder what my life would be like right now if I'd stuck it out. What I'd be doing?

I don't regret FOR A SECOND moving back to ASHTON KUTCHER!!!!

I wanna walk all the way over to Murray Hill on my lunch hour because the food around here sucks. Its' ALL DELIS!!

I remember a little Indian place on 33rd or 34th. *sigh*

Why am I nostalgic for times when I wasn't all that happy? Why!?

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