Heading North

Well, it snowed last night. No running today. Maybe I'll head over to the track anyway and do some laps. I have my new pedometer that tracks calorie count. Supposedly yesterday I burned about 800 calories with the running and the walking.

I got restless yesterday afternoon so took the train all the way down to City Hall and walked north. I walked through Chinatown and wondered what I wanted to eat. I know myself. Once I got something in my head, I can't shake it. So, if I think, "I'm going to have a piece of chocolate cake," even if I eat a HUGE Thanksgiving meal beforehand, I'll still want that cake. So, I just have to have the cake.

I wanted a pastry from the Ferrara Bakery on Grand Street. That's what I wanted. I could mindfully eat all the Chinese dumplings in the world, but I'd still want that piece of pastry from Ferrara so I best just eat that. Like I resigned myself to a fate of living in NYC for the rest of my life, I resigned myself to eating pastry at every meal. I just gotta run it out.

Walked up there and got a piece of Dark Chocolate cake. I can't remember what it was called. Waited forever in line but they took my credit card which was nice. They've got a nice standing place to eat pastries which was helpful. I didn't have to stand over a mailbox or anything in the freezing cold. It was cold last night but not as cold has it has been.

Finished mindfully eating my dinner and then headed north. Up Mott and up Lafayette to the K-Mart where I used their remarkably-clean bathrooms. I found exactly what I was looking for. I could have wept. I found a white baseball cap for $2.99. That's exactly what I've been needing for my runs. Something with a light color that I can throw into the wash. I cannot throw the Jets cap I bought for dad in the wash. I have to put that back in the mail to him. Or, perhaps I'll just bring it along with me to England and give it to him there.

No, then he's got a dirty cap all through England. No, I'll just mail it to them or take it back next xmas.

Headed north again to the Best Buy. I'd totally forgotten there was a Best Buy at Union Square. I think it used to be a Circuit City or something. Well, it's always been an electronics store. Bought a copy of Turbo Tax so I have to get on that at some point. So I can go to work and print out all my paperwork. Use them. :) Maybe I'll start on that today. All I have to do is plug in numbers and write some painful checks.

I missed all the new shows last night but not to worry. I'll watch them at some other time. Now what we have the hulu and the netflix, who needs to watch things when they come out? I can watch them at my leisure.

I wrote to about 50 people with Kate or Katie in their name. Yesterday I just googled that an reaped tons of names. Who knows if any of them will pan out but what the hell else do I have to do? I need to make some more money.

Last night, I saw a mouse and emailed everyone. The mice ignore the traps at this point. They're smart mice.

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