Eating Oranges in the Street

It's cold again today. Yesterday and the day before (I think) it was in the 50s and 60s and today it's back down in the 40s. On my way back from the track, it started snowing a little bit but not much. Just a reminder that it is still February and spring is nowhere to be seen. Not by a long shot.

I'm doing okay. I'm fed. I bought myself a new pedometer yesterday that tracks steps, miles, and calories. I have no idea how it knows calories as I could be any height and weight. Also, I could have walked my 12,000 steps at the track instead of run so who knows how they make those calculations. Yes, I'm doing okay. I was resentful earlier. I hope I continue to do okay. I'm very blessed today.

After volunteering at the museum yesterday afternoon, I went up to 88th street. While I was looking for a place to eat an orange, I saw my friend. She stood with me while I awkwardly ate an orange over a news paper box over a Writer's Workshop booklet (for the peelings). It was very messy and I don't recommend it. But, it's a way to eat an orange on the street.

She and I walked north in the lovely night. We walked north to 96th street where she went to her apartment and I plugged onward. I had a carb craving all day long and I was going to go to the Capri bakery and see what they had. I walked up to 116th street. The Bakery was filled up but I finally decided on a huge piece of cheese cake with chocolate cream on top and a strawberry.

I brought it home and ate about 85% of it. Oh, it wasn't the best I'd ever had but it was very rich and very delicious none the less. This morning, before my run, I ate the last 15-20% of it. I started Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. I think the Potter books are making a little more sense this time around. Before, I used to listen to them in bed and I think I slept through good portions of them. So I never really understood what was going on. This time, there are still a lot of questions, but I'm more alert.

Okay, so what am I going to do with the rest of the day? I'm going to maybe take a walk to the library. I don't have to pick anything up or drop anything off, but it's a destination that isn't food oriented. I bought ingredients for burritos so at some point today I need to brown a little hamburger. I suppose I could do that in an hour or two when everyone is gone. I just warmed up some of my stir fry. I've got too much food around here but it's good food to have around. It's like a vending machine. I've made little meals like tv dinners. I just pull 'em out of the freezer and warm them up. But they're food I made for myself.

I have to re-new my license. I got the form in the mail yesterday. $88 for 8 years.

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