What I ate on 7/30/10

I cannot believe I've been doing this for almost a month! I don't think I've lost any weight (136.4), but it's interesting to see all the healthy choices I've made so far. I've only had one slice of pizza in three weeks? I was offered a donut last night and of course I took the opportunity.

I ate out twice yesterday; I really wanted a regular/old dish for lunch so had the steak and guacamole combination plate at the Chinese tex-mex place. The guacamole was terrible so I ate little of it; but I concentrated on the most-nutritious parts of the meal: the steak, the beans and the salad. I left the guacamole and a lot of the rice. Rice is a waste of time. It feels good to be healthy!

Last night, before my volunteer commitment, I got a deli sandwich. Lo-fat tuna salad on 7-grain bread with no dressing. Of course they had pastry samples and of course I had to have a couple! I'm not a saint. :)

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