Running in a Sauna

Yesterday afternoon, the cable went out. When I got back from the library, the cable guys were up on a cherry picker in front of the house working on the wires.

I asked them if they were the reason my cable was out and they said it should be back up in about an hour. Well, it wasn't so I just turned off the computer.

Anyway, the computer didn't get switched on until this morning. Client had lit up my inbox with a bunch of stuff--including an image that was top priority. We talked on the phone and I went out for my run. It was hot hot hot at the track. There had been a big downpour. Instead of cooling off, though, it just made it like a sauna out there. I was running around in a sauna.

When I was walking home from the library yesterday, I called mom but she wasn't home. I ended up talking to Dad for 16 minutes! And it wasn't even my birthday or his birthday or Father's Day!

Anyway, I told him I was running and he told me he'd run at my age. He also said to run (not jog) the last lap to really do some good. So I did. Today, I ran the last lap instead of just old-lady jogging like I typically do. We'll see what happens tomorrow and how I feel.

I worked on this big board of directors photograph for client. I did a good job. I sent the image off to him and he called me to tell me I was fantastic. :) That's the kind of feedback I like. I did do a good job. I switched faces and removed stands and covered AstroTurf with real grass. :)

I'm going to head out of here around five. Last night, I was pretty hungry even though I'd had a salad, etc. beforehand. I never eat enough now. I'm always hungry. The first couple days were a gift. Now I'm hungry because of the exercising. I'm no longer running on reserves. My stomach is never full. I suppose I should have a real meal instead of just grazing. I had one burrito instead of two.

Anyway, I stopped at the Subway and had a grilled chicken sandwich they said had about 300 calories or some such nonsense. I had it with cheese (more calories) but without condiments like mayo. It was pretty good. I liked that I payed with my credit card. I just need to get some rolls and some lunch meat slices. Those are pretty good.

I'm hungry right now. In situations like this, I should just eat peanut butter sandwiches until the hunger subsides. I just had one but maybe I'll have another. I need to get rid of that iced cream in the freezer. Maybe I'll have a half-cup a night until it's gone. That's the serving size. Now I understand why it's a no no. There's really no nutritional value. It's best just to avoid desserts altogether instead of trying to control them.

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