I don't like celery

Yesterday, I cut up a big bowl of celery and tried to eat it at my desk. The plant fiber got too much at a couple points and I had to spit it out into my trash can. Finally, I just gave up. I never liked celery that much, and now I know that I really don't like it. It's gross. A little in a soup is okay, but as a meal it's gross.

Kinda cranky this morning. Not on the phone with my mother thank god. I've got the air conditioning on in my room. I should fire up the maths, but it's on functions right now and I don't know if I ever learned functions! At first, I had no idea what they were talking about in the Algebra book, but then I got the gist of it. It's like a formula. If x is this, then y is that. I know I have it wrong, but it makes sense to me that way. I have to start from the beginning again. And I'm kind of hungry even though I just polished off two tiny pieces of peanut butter toast with no jelly. There's the evil bit. I'm sure some day it's the bread that will be the evil bit. It's the evil bit now depending on who you ask.

I just should get used to not eating anything but diet coke and apples. And that makes me feel guilty because they're not that great either. All those fruits have the sugar. The evil sugar. Basically, I'm supposed to eat steak and salad. That's it! Just steak and salad. Maybe some beans. I like beans.

Boy, this dieting sure gets my mind of a lot of other crap. My career? Who gives a damn? I'm hungry! My dating? Who gives a crap? I'm starving! I'm doing it for these fools and they want nothing to do with me anyway.

I'll try this for a month and see where it gets me. 30 days. I can surely diet for 30 days. It won't kill me. I suppose diet soda is my friend, but I hate to wash the contents of my stomach out before they've had their turn. Then, I'm just hungry. I've learned that.

I have to do some work today. First, I'll do some maths and get it over with. Might as well do it now when I have some food in my stomach. I thought it was supposed to rain today, but I keep waiting. I rushed out to the track to run around but perhaps the big rain cloud over Jersey took a turn for the north. That's fine: it's looking dark out there.

Was talking to mom and dad this morning. Last night, I got to thinking of the old Italian restaurant that dad used to take me and Jill to in Chicago: the Italian Village. It was like a Mediterranean scene on the inside. I thought they did a good job when I was a kid. Always a balmy, Mediterranean night at the Italian Village. I always wanted a table in one of the "houses" but that never happened. My dream never came true!! I suppose that was a good childhood memory.

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