I'm a crappy typist!

Just got a phone call from old suitor. God, what a pain in the ass he is. I have no interest in him but he won't take a hint. Note to self: never be nice to any one ever. He thinks he owns me because he sent me a text to the other day to some work he thinks. I didn't respond so he called me. I didn't recognize the number so picked up. Big mistake. I thanked him and then got off the phone as quickly as I possibly could.

I decided not to run so much today. I've been listening to the Weight Loss Diaries by Courtney Rubin and she's running marathons and she's 180 and not losing a pound. When I started running, I didn't lose a pound. I'm running now and I'm not losing a pound. Exercise means nothing without the calorie restriction to make it work. And there's just so far I'm willing to go. I'm not willing to go to any length to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie. I'm not willing to be in starvation mode. Maybe if someone was paying me millions of dollars to be in movies, but they're not.

Still downloading. Had my peanut butter toast and now want some more. I've got some beans soaking on the stove. I don't have much to do today besides work on this image. I'm sure it'll go fine. They like my work. I do good work! It's rainy out: I'm looking out on the afternoon rain. It used to be so uninspired. I'm actually in a good mood today and I don't know what's different. I had a pseudo job interview yesterday with a photography studio. I need to send them an email today telling them thank them again for meeting with me. I guess they're meeting several people. He seemed very uncomfortable. I had a little meeting mouth but I don't care that much. He's an "artist" so must have some angst too. It's not like I was meeting with the Board of Goldman Sachs (God forbid).

I left there and went up to a Synagogue up on 85th and Lexington. It was a full meeting with a round robin. No qualification: just sharing. I liked that. I even kicked off the sharing cuz I was in such a good mood. I can't believe how long it's taken me to discover upper East Side meetings. I mean, they're a straight shot down the 6 line! I barely have to stumble off the train. I'm not into 79th street work shop because that's a little bit of a haul. These are right on or near Lexington. I have no excuse!

So, yeah, I'm going to make a big pot of soup today. I have the soup starter and everything. I'll all all the odds and ends I have lying around the apartment. I have all the frozen vegetables from the freezer from the Key Food salads. I'll add the beans for hardiness.

So now it's finished downloading. I'll work on the image. I'll put on the comedy stuff because that's what I like to listen to. I'll do it on random and I'll laugh and listen to comedy mp3s. Today, I downloaded some mp3 merge software and merged a Michael Connolly book, the Lincoln Lawyer. Boy, I would have made a lousy secretary during Mad Men times. I'm a crappy typist!

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