I'm dieting. I'm taking pictures of everything I eat and therefore I try to eat as little as possible. I'm only on day three and I'm doing surprisingly okay. I've had just a quarter cup of black beans today and it's past 1:00. No, I'll try not to bore you with diet updates.

I went to Long Island this past weekend and it was a wake up call on a couple fronts. I wasn't invited to A's party and I've felt like a d-lister ever since. A big, fat, social zero. And then I looked at a picture taken of me and I'm thick. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. I'm definately thick. I'm built like my Grandmother which isn't a terrible thing: she's tall and pretty well-built. I look like my Grandfather and I'm built like my Grandmother.

I immediately threw away the enormous chocolate bar roommate had given to me. The next day, I took a picture of everything I ate before I ate it. No sugar or processed foods (or few of them). I think I started the day with an Ensure. Today is the first day I actually ran because we've been having a heat wave. It was 100!! in the city on Tuesday. Today, it's down to 90--a blessed relief! I was able to run. It was pretty humid out and it began to rain so I was soaked a bit when I got back to the house.

Anyway, when I look back on all the crap I eat. Especially this weekend. There wasn't a piece of cake or pie or cookie that I didn't enjoy. Boy do I love my carbs! And I feel it. I have to start watching what I eat. I'm 37!

I hope I don't become one of those annoying people who talk about their diets all the time. I'm going to try not to do the calorie counting thing. That's what the photographs are for.

I've done a couple chores for today; I've run at the track and I've made some black beans. I have to go to the library and pick up some laundry at the AA laundry--the sister store to the WW. They're located across from the grocery store. At first, I was annoyed that it was no longer on the way to the train, but now I can see the upside. It's across the street from the grocery store so I'll be more apt to go there after dropping off the laundry. I hate going to the grocery store and I don't know why. It's not like it's super out of the way, but it's really kind of out of the way. It's not close to either station.

I have to do some math today, although I worry about doing it hungry. I should probably eat a decent meal and then tuck into the math. I get discouraged and distracted if I'm hungry. Although I'm doing okay right now. I was depressed yesterday, but I wonder if that's just cuz my body isn't having any sugar.

I'm trying to get down to 130--even though I no longer have a scale. I threw away the one I had around here. I think ex boyfriend stepped on it and it was never the same. Never the same.

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