What I ate on 7/16/10

Eating terrible again. I'm eating whole-egg sandwiches in the morning mainly for staying power. For some reason, I'm always hungry at work. Probably because the AC is always up really high and I get bored and want to snack. But that's not it, too. After lunch I'm not hungry: not if I've had a full lunch.

I haven't run in days--mainly because of working and also because of this terrible heat wave. It's a real drag running around in the heat and sun. Also, that weight-loss diaries book just got to me. What's the point? What's the point?!

Two-egg breakfast sandwich
Bag of peanuts
Minestrone soup (Homemade)
Cup of non-fat plain yogurt (with honey)
Lunch-meat sandwich on diet bread (no fat)
Mug of butter pecan ice cream (I obsess over it until I have some!)

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