What I ate on 7/12/10

I don't eve know why I'm still doing this. I don't hate myself as much as I did a week ago when I'd gotten home from a whole weekend of eating shit and wearing a bathing suit. I guess I said I'd try this for a month and I'll try it. It's really best if I start to eat healthy or try to on my own.

Third night in a row for ice cream. I have it and have to get rid of it! A small mug a night won't kill me. Eating a lot of small handfulls of peanuts while I wait for something to cook.

Had the naked tofu burger. Health food stores are awesome. They've got those pre-packaged sandwiches which are great little meals.

I finished listening to the Weight-loss diaries by Courtney Rubin yesterday. She ran 18-mile marathons while 180 or something. I can barely jog 45 minutes. I guess my running really has nothing to do with it. Even if I were to quit running, I'd probably stay the same weight. She ran marathons and was 190 or something. I guess running does not equal thin. But she said she was binging all the time: she didn't go into her binging and how much she ate, though.

Yes, weight-loss is a bitch. Yesterday, I stepped on the scale: 135. All right I guess. The day before it had been 136.

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