what I ate on 7/21/10

I'm wearing this "diet" like a lose garment. I have no boundaries and no no-nos. I ate a lot of carbs yesterday; roommate made scones and I had one. Then, I was starved so had a regular (old-style) lunch of two beef and bean frozen burritos: my food pellets.

I went to a meeting and they had cookies and candy and I can't believe I didn't have any; mainly because I couldn't whip out a camera and start taking pictures so just eschewed it. It was just chips ahoy and nonsense like that.

Afterward, I went out with some people and got the cheapest thing on the menu: a Boca Burger with sweet potato fries. It was something I would have ordered anyway. Maybe I didn't need to eat the whole thing. I sat next to a thin Asian chick who picked at her food.

I wish I could pick at my food.

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