What Fresh Hell is This?

What fresh hell is this? I'm not necessarily tired, but I definately
got some sun today. My hands are hot. I was running around in the hot
sun this morning (I'd put sunscreen on my face) and was walking around
in the sun this early afternoon.

I was a little early, so I walked in the hot sun to the Chatham Square library branch where I scanned the classics and ended up reading Breakfast at Tiffany's until Laura called to tell me she was there. She
and I lost each other while trying to find each other on Canal, but
ended up walking all the way through Chinatown and Little Italy and up
the Bowery to Milon. All the waiters recognized her; evidently she
used to go there once every two weeks or so. Yeah, they'd get to know

We ate like princes. So much good food!  Laura and I had the front table with the garden-like view. We sat and talked
there for a long time before waddling over to Avenue A to get
depressed at how much it had changed. Actually, most of the things we
remembered were still there. Some had changed but a lot had stayed the

I stopped going to Avenue A once I got caught up in Comedy. I think
the Boston Comedy club is gone because when we were in the West
Village it looked like it was something else. But it's difficult to
look at something new and say, "such and such was there before." Even
though I may have looked at the old building a zillion times, as soon
as a new building is put in, I can't remember the former. So it goes.

We went to Simone's on First Avenue and 8th Street/Saint Marks's
Place. Randy was having trouble with the other car so Laura had to cut
her visit short. I felt bad for her but she didn't complain much at
all. Good for her. I remarked on how positive she was being/is. I
really do wish I could be more like her.

We walked down St. Mark's past Astor Place to I dunno the North of
Washington Square Park. It's all torn up--the North East corner.
Everything's always being torn up. I'm so used to it by now. Anything
you want to go see it's being worked on in some way, shape, or form.

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