I went to Portland and back and didn't really get online much while there. Mom and dad get their wireless connection from the cafe downstairs: Via Delizia. Saturday night, my birthday, we all went there for dinner. Dad and I got the same delicious pasta dish and mom and Jill got some stuff.

Man, did I have a good trip out there. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of it. Dad picked me up at the airport and I was put up on the third floor. Jill came by for dinner? I can't remember what we had. Something mom made I'm sure. She made a birthday cake of yellow cake with pink frosting--but there wasn't enough frosting so we turned that side to the wall. Jill got a really funny photograph and I'm going to make it into a print.

On Monday morning, dad had to make a trade for a client and then we hit the road in the new car. It's an Audi and I'm campaigning to call her "Gretta." But she'll probably just be the Audi till the day she goes to the scrap heap. She's got quite a computer system so we spent the whole time going up to Oregon playing with the knobs and buttons. Turns out we have Sirius satellite radio for 3 months so we switched back and forth from the 50s radio to the 60s radio and sang along to most of the tunes. What a good time!

We stopped in Corning at the Olive Pit; I got dried mango slices. I bought dad some barbecue almonds. We also stopped in Willows at the Starbucks and had delicious drinks. Man! They always do a good job at the Willows Starbucks.

We stopped in Dunsmuir for lunch and had some delicious sandwiches. Very good. You can still get a house in Dunsmuir for about $79,000 (marked down from $100,000). Too funny. What a sad "downtown."

The condo was very nice. I had a great time hanging out with mom and dad. And then we picked up Jill on Wednesday?

What else did we do? Mom and I went to go see the Pittock mansion. It had an all right view. Most of the furniture was not original to the house but had been donated. They did a good job with the upkeep and the pieces were fantastic. It was worth the $16 I paid for both mom and myself.

Every morning, dad would walk to the nearby Safeway and get coffee and the Wall Street journal for us. That was the best part of the morning. We ate a lot and sat around a lot. On my birthday, dad and I walked to the Dock side inn? I forget what it was called. We had the eggs Benedict. It was where Tanya Harding et. al. got rid of a lot of evidence. Never cut corners! We went back to the condo and watched Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. That afternoon, we walked to Powell's bookstore where I bought a copy of Trollope's The Warden and a paperback of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.

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