Too much nutmeg can ruin any pumpkin pie for sure.

I'm baking a pumpkin pie. I've made the no-roll pie crust that mom makes but I just used a can of Libby's. I didn't even use the plain stuff but got the mix with the sugar and spices within. I'm lazy in some respects. Why do I have to put in the right amount of cinnamon and sugar when they've refined it? The only thing I worry about is too much nutmeg. Too much nutmeg can ruin any pumpkin pie for sure.

Jezebel had their March Madness Pie off. They put pies versus cake and cheese cake won. I'm pretty surprised at that. You'd think it would be apple or chocolate cake but no. Cheese cake is not my favorite dessert but I'll eat it in a pinch. I find it monotonous. I know that every food is monotonous in its own way, but that's the only word I can think of to describe cheesecake.

I hope this pie turns out okay. I put it in for about 15 minutes longer than it said to but it was just so mushy on the top. Well, the knife came out relatively clean so I guess it should be okay. It cooks a bit after it comes out. I always tell mom that. She's always heavily browning cookies.

It's so lovely in the apartment today. I went for my run and they threw away my bottle of water AGAIN!! Lucky for me they've turned on the water fountains again. I guess it got close to ninety yesterday! Whew! I was running around in it in the early morning.

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