Tap Dancing Like Gene Kelly

I got sent home from I* early today. Luis saved my ass because my computer was acting FUNKY and not funky ha ha but funky queer. Turns out I'd had the lock key on so all my function keys weren't functioning right if they were functioning at all! I was googling all sorts of shit. They told me to trash my preferences and check my keyboard and check my language, etc.

Finally, Luis just stood over my keyboard and asked what the "lock" key was. I told him that would be way too easy of a remedy. Of course it was. It fixed everything right off. I was almost near tears over it and then I kept kissing his ass and telling him how happy I was. It was just awful. It slowed my productivity considerably. It was just awful.

It was photo shoot day so there was a breakfast and a lunch. M*ia screwed up our order so I had to wait for my steak sandwich. It was good but extremely messy which I don't like. I like neat food. I hate having to reach for my napkin after every bite I take. All sandwiches are not created equal.

Now I'm all flushed because there were tomatoes in the sandwich. When will I ever learn? It's not like it hurts or anything, but it's about a 1% on the discomfort scale. Enough that I notice it every now and again and hope it goes away soon. Whatever. Poor me. It's not like I'm even that into tomatoes. I mean, I like them, but I don't love them. I could easily pick them off any sandwich or salad. But, I put myself through this misery on a daily basis. So it goes. I'm a fool.

I'm doing okay these days. Okay is the correct word. I'm not tap dancing through the streets like Gene Kelly. I'm also not standing on top of a building looking down like the statue installment in Madison Square Park right now. (That's super eerie I must admit).

Last night, I attended the 6:15 service at the Marble church on Fifth avenue. What a great church; it's very gay friendly. Funny how there are so many different churches. Jesus loves everyone: the pedophiles, the tax men, the homosexuals, etc. I get it. It's not a zero-sum game. It's not "I win you lose." It's "we all win." Why is that so difficult a concept? But, no one has ever fucked me over.

That said, it's difficult to judge others. I keep thinking that about Arizona. How can we judge them when they're up to their eyeballs in people who legally don't belong? San Francisco has a ton of homeless and I think they should indulge in some draconian practices to thin out the ranks a bit. Others from other states could say that's cruel, but damn it! SF's gotta do something! It's really out of control. Easy to point fingers.

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