Starbucks Gift Cards

I've got my ipod all loaded up with books; I have too many on there right now. I have Gone with the Wind, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Casino Royale, Some self-help crap about happiness, and Jane Eyre. They're all good but I'm going to be glad when TTOWF is over. It's not a stinker but it's not the best the Bronte sisters ever churned out.

Best to think of the future. Or, better yet, be mindful of what is in front of me. I have my delicious Starbucks beans coffee. People keep giving me big Starbucks gift certificates. I got a $50 card from mom for my birthday! Whoa! That's a nice gift. :) And I got another one in the mail out of nowhere. I wonder if that was supposed to be a gift but there was no note attached. I feel terrible.

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